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  1. luckyjoe

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Looking at the welds on my 1995 LWB's exhaust, and the early onset of socially isolated driving season, I should probably replace it now. I have long thought about doing a full stainless system, but since it's a 14cux and runs fine, I'll leave the Cat's alone. Is this a wise choice? In a quick...
  2. luckyjoe

    RRC EAS Manual Inflation System

    This post for technical value, in case someone is searching for something similar in the future. I know EAS is not for everybody, but it suits this original RRC perfectly, and I really enjoy the benefits. The EAS ride is fantastic and this system has been in service for over four years. Back in...
  3. luckyjoe

    D2 SG bumper/skid on CL

    Not mine, just stumbled across it... Full Ad here.
  4. luckyjoe

    Cand, Candy, Candy I can't let you go...

    more CL fun below Show car range rover
  5. luckyjoe

    1995 RRC Front-right Pad-wear harness?

    Have an ABS light which I thought was the front-right ABS sensor, but it turns out the pad-wear sensor harness has broken wire. Anyone know if there is part number for the RRC front-right pad-wear sensor "harness"? It's included in this kit STC1864, but I only need the pad-wear harness not the...
  6. luckyjoe

    ARB Bumper - RRC non-winch version

    SOLD - ARB Bumper - RRC non-winch version SOLD !!! The non-winch ARB bumper for the RRC. Will likely fit a D1 too. Structurally sound, cosmetically challenged - it's got a fair share of bumps and scrapes but solid and only some surface rust. A few small diameter bolt holes in the front face...
  7. luckyjoe

    RRC ARB non-winch version

    I've got a ARB non-winch bumper for a RRC. Structurally sound, cosmetically challenged - it's got a fair share of bumps and scrapes but solid and only surface rust. A few small diameter bolt holes in the front face, along with a dent, and the bull bar upper corners are drilled for limb riser...
  8. luckyjoe

    RRC CSK Wheel Paint Code

    I'm trying to ID the silver/gray paint code used on the center & lip of the CSK wheel. The CSK was a UK-only trim level (CSK = Charles Spencer King) but the wheels were used on a similar NAS model - the 1993 County Sable Edition. ( There were approx. 200 made with Beluga Black...
  9. luckyjoe

    Ign Amp Module Relocation - same as 94/95 D1?

    I have a 1995 RRC LWB with this coil wiring configuration. I spoke with AB about their relocation kit, and they have never seen the red & blue wires, nor do they know what to do with them regarding the relocation install. I'm hopeful that my 95 Classic shares these wires with either 1994 or...
  10. luckyjoe

    Fascia Fuse Panel removal (D1/95-RRC)

    Any tips on removing the facia fuse panel below the steering wheel? It looks like it has quick-release tabs along the perimeter, but I cannot get them to release and fear breaking the 21 year old plastic.
  11. luckyjoe

    D1/D2 ash (coin) tray = same?

    Are D1 and D2 spring loaded coin-trays/ash-trays interchangeable?
  12. luckyjoe

    LWB :: 1995 Land Rover Range Rover County LWB

    LWB :: 1995 Land Rover Range Rover County LWB (2015-12-08 13:49:31)
  13. luckyjoe

    109 :: 1965 Land Rover Series IIa, exMoD 109

    109 :: 1965 Land Rover Series IIa, exMoD 109 (2015-12-08 13:47:06)
  14. luckyjoe

    '96 D1 to '04 D2 upgrade?

    Yeah, I know I'm opening the potential problem door, but I'm thinking of replacing our 1996 SD with an 2004 D2 for daily-driver and long haul trips. Our '96 is great, and I really think it was one of the few "good" ones. However, something with fewer miles and wear-n-tear would suit us better...
  15. luckyjoe

    Freeze frame data: throttle and load values?

    Running OBD2 software to evaluate my O2 sensors, I noticed something curious in the freeze frame data. My throttle position was indicated at 12% and the load at 30% - however the truck was idling in neutral?! I checked it several times and no change, other than a corresponding change in those...
  16. luckyjoe

    How gracefully do DII's age?

    When compared to a D1, how well does the DII age? I mean, there really isn't anything I can't get to/repair/rebuild on the D1. Are DII's basically the same in this regard? Regards, Tom P.
  17. luckyjoe

    C-pillar dogleg rust

    Is this a solution, or more of a problem? I have the rust starting to show up after a dealer fix 6 years ago(!). I kinda want to take care of it before it gets too bad, but it looks like a pain in the neck to get beneath the C-post. Regards, Tom P. 1996 Disco 1965 IIa 109
  18. luckyjoe

    CAT Efficiency

    What can contribute to a P0420 fault code (Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold)? Beside faulty CAT(s)... My D1 has thrown a P0420 code twice in the past two months. New Y-pipe/dual CATs were installed ~11 months ago, to replace the original Y-pipe when the bank-1 CAT blew it's guts out -...
  19. luckyjoe

    Typical temp needle position?

    I haven't been driving our D1 daily, and I can't remember the typical temp needle position. The radiator is in great shape, but the needle rests around 25% on the temp gauge. Ambient of about 30F in the morning, up to the 50's during the day. IIRC, the needle used to move closer to 45% and sit...
  20. luckyjoe

    D1 IACV (stepper)

    I've got ~123k miles on our 1996 D1. Still running the original IACV/stepper/plunger/thingy. I'm replacing most of the hoses around the intake and wondered if I should try to clean the IACV, or just replace it? Regards, Tom P.