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    Broken Rocker Shaft

    Thanks, about 100miles all good. My SD1 has the LT77
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    Broken Rocker Shaft

    I guess I can answer my own question. I pulled the rocker assemble off my spare SD1 3500 engine and it appears identical. 96 Disco up and running . No issues, yet.
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    Broken Rocker Shaft

    The rocker assemble used on the 3500 Rover SD1. Anyone know if its the same as the one used on the 4.0 in the 96 Disco? Thanks Nick
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    Front Seat Bottom "Caved In"

    My 96 did the same thing. I pulled the seat and tried a duct tape repair. A complete waste of time. I ordered a Seat Diaphragm and Seat Base Internal Foam from Rimmer bros UK. Feels great now.
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    D1 1st to 2nd gear synchronizer repair estimate

    Mine had about 110000 miles. I got a rebuilt box from ashcroft[ no upgrades]. With a clutch pack delivered to Oklahoma in four days . Price around $2000 even. Then I paid a local shop to install . Including a remain engine seal for $350. I did all the inside work . Removing console etc.
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    Who have you used (stateside) to flange-liner your V8

    I've used D&D for parts. They have always been willing to talk on the phone. I'm in Oklahoma ,so not close to them and helpful whether I'm spending $ or not.
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    D1 5spd Wanted

    Not my truck, looks interesting and expensive.
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    D1 5spd Wanted

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    Bottorf Front Bumper Value?

    That's odd the same Nigerian Prince bought my Disco 1 to put it on.
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    5spd in a DII?

    Check this thread out
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    Hawkeye OBD Diagnostic Tool/Reader

    Will it work on D1? Reset idle etc?
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    I fixed the crank case breather system so the engine is not being pressurized. Then replaced the leaking front main seal. Plus new power steering box and hoses. Looks like the transmission cooling lines are not leaking. Relatively dry engine now. Hoping the rear main seal will heal its self.
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    5 speed craigslist

    This might be worth a look in San Diego
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    Wont leak anymore if it's not there
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    Never sell parts you may need in the future
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    Thanks. I think I'm going to give it a try. I only drive locally no long speed runs.
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    My truck has the oil cooler. I was thinking about getting rid of it.
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    bypassing oil cooler R380

    Coupler FTC2687. I have this part on my transmission is there a part to replace it with that acts a bypass? There is a picture in this thread #23
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    Broken crank with a conversion to manual transmission

    "Removed transmission cooler and lines" I was reading through the list of things you did and read the above. Are you running with no cooler now? If so what did you do at the transmission?