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  1. luckyjoe

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Well, my rear resonator probably has rusted baffles as it's starting to sound like jiffy-pop. So I'm ordering the NRP cat-back.
  2. luckyjoe

    ISO: D1 Parcel Shelf in Beige

    I have never seen a parcel shelf for a NAS 1994+ D1, only the roll-up cover. What years/countries had them?
  3. luckyjoe

    Land Rover service shop - Central NJ

    This one. The owner is George Hughes, and although I have not used them, they have been recommended to me.
  4. luckyjoe

    Converting to Stock Suspension

    If you're going back to stock, I'd do new rear airbags. It's a much more versatile system and not that hard to maintain, especially with new bags (and compressor).
  5. luckyjoe

    DIY Power Seat Controller

    The RRC is an entirely different animal, due to the window/mirror ECU. I don't think any other LR's got that piece of engineering.
  6. luckyjoe


    I didn't read the article, but scrolling through I figured his photo below probably sums up his RRC expectations. Every time I jump in my RRC I am immediately reminded just how nice it is, and I long for another road trip.
  7. luckyjoe

    2020 Defender

    in addition to all the other reasons, that right there broke the camel’s back.
  8. luckyjoe

    2020 Defender

    I fixed the link for you 🙂
  9. luckyjoe

    New Bronco

    I don’t know. I agree an auto box is easy to drive, and that even in auto there are different flavors both good and bad. But there is nothing more satisfying than driving my IIA 109’s crashbox both on- and off-road. Then again, I put 250k miles on my ‘03 5spd Jetta Tdi Wagon, before handing it...
  10. luckyjoe

    novice fly fishing advice

    Every chance to fish is a chance to practice, catch or not. I like this type of practice much better than on grass. Starting out don't get too caught-up in rod weight as you'll be too sloppy for those finicky fish anyway.
  11. luckyjoe

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    That is likely the time-off pattern for quite a while. I now need to decide which vehicle I set-up for dedicated longterm camping - the 109 or RRC...
  12. luckyjoe

    What are you bingeing?

    Norsemen was brilliant! We want to start Killing Eve, but I'm trying to be in the garage evenings, rather than in front of a screen. Sometimes I feel like...
  13. luckyjoe

    WTB Winch Bumper for D1

    ARB: Rovers North D1 Clearance
  14. luckyjoe

    Synthetic Oil Change Schedule

    Mobil1 0W40 - 1000ppm Phosphorus / 1100ppm Zinc Mobil1 Turbo Diesel Truck 5W40 - 1100ppm Phosphorus / 1300ppm Zinc (meets CI-4, CI-4 Plus) Another good one is Mobil Delvac 1 5w40, but I don't have the specs (should be similar to M1-TDT 5W40 above)
  15. luckyjoe

    Roof rack identification

    The SD rack also has unique mounting feet that no one has duplicated.
  16. luckyjoe

    Transmission Removal

    I pulled my t-case/ZF as one unit, 96 D1. I used a borrowed motorcycle jack and needed about 2-feet of sill clearance to slide them out (accomplished with 4x6 wood cribbing). I pulled the cooling fan, put a few layers of cardboard between the engine and radiator (just to be safe), and had wood...
  17. luckyjoe

    Oil Cooler Lines Leaking -Rebuild or Replace?

    How does this work - are the 6AN fittings brazed to the original steel end pieces? I couldn’t find anyone conveniently close to bring my lines to
  18. luckyjoe

    Jerry cans in 2020

    AB Stock Valpro cans. Sold single through 4-pack they come out to ~$43/can, but they often run them on sale down to <$40. I have 2 Wavian in regular use for 20 years, and 2 Valpro in use for 8, no problems with either.
  19. luckyjoe

    Hella install on roof rack

    Since the roof rails are removed, can you install a connector/strain-relief at 1-2 of these pre-existing holes? Then you can easily disconnect when you remove the rack.
  20. luckyjoe

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Thanks for all the replies. I'll have to shop around. FWIW, this RRC still has the factory exhaust (orig. 60k mile RRC). Futher, I'm in NJ but the LWB doesn't see any salt use. So, either a SS cat-back would last forever, or I don't really need it. The thing that bothers me most is not seeing...