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  1. bigcheif

    mt orab to gray hawk ky move

    I moved my last item last night, my rover. With 175,000 miles I was nervous about driving it through the steep hills and such. I pulled the front prop shaft for good measure, checked all fluids and hit the road. I guess I should have more faith in my rig.:rolleyes:
  2. bigcheif

    front prop shaft removed

    Will it hurt my t-case to drive without the front prop shaft? Of course cdl would be locked in. We use to do this with our old fords during the summer.
  3. bigcheif

    d2 abs sensor ring

    has anyone took apart the hubs and measured the ring,and counted the teeth? I'm getting info together for my custom axles. gap space between teeth also.
  4. bigcheif

    4.0 pushrod length

    anyone know the pushrod length on 4.0/4.6?
  5. bigcheif

    happy new year

    happy new year everyone!
  6. bigcheif

    sensitive abs

    my abs seems real's kicking in when I think it shouldn't. no abs codes or lights. my tires are ok not wore out.dust on the abs sensors? it did this in light snow today. thought about pulling the relay to keep it from kicking in.:banghead:
  7. bigcheif

    oil cooler line fitting thread size

    anyone know what thread size the fitting is on the oil cooler lines? mine are leaking at the cooler,so I need to plug the oil port at the front cover.
  8. bigcheif

    will's #

    Trying to get ahold of will for some needed parts.anyone have a good phone #?
  9. bigcheif

    o2 sensor Eliminator

    Ok,I searched and found out how to copy the signal to the post cat o2 sensors. What can I do for the heat signal?
  10. bigcheif

    bad weekend!

    Pulled the t case out to find my adapter cracked .two ears fell off during the removal! Got a replacement for $8.:ack:
  11. bigcheif

    land rover/jaguar of Cincinnati

    Made a visit to LR of cincy today for a t-case seal. The staff was more than pleasant to deal with! Hell, the owner showed me to the parts department. If in cincy stop in.most other dealerships that I've dealt with are dry or rude.
  12. bigcheif

    intermediate shaft

    Going to pull the shaft on my newly aquired T- case and going to re o ring I need to slide a "holding " rod into the gears to keep then from falling?
  13. bigcheif

    d1 wipers

    I did the d1 wiper arm upgrade yesterday, put into use awhile ago. I can't believe I painstakingly went through the trouble of buying refills, taking them apart,& fighting to put them in the d2 wipers! This upgrade is a MUST on a d2!:D
  14. bigcheif

    04 t-case & shifter

    Picked up a 04 T-shirt case and shifter at a pull your part for $70! Other than the seal,what should I replace before the install?
  15. bigcheif

    side finisher

    how do you get the side finishers off! My son broke the passenger side trim getting in the back.I tried to take the rest if it off,and it broke off more. It looks like it slides up from the bottom.going to a pull and pray tomorrow, and don't want to damage the only one they have!
  16. bigcheif

    Justin /lucky 8

    I just wanted to tell all that Justin is worthy of all my tax return! If you need new parts,don't fart around with other places! I had a excellent experience in doing business with him this week! Part ordered late Monday,received today! Thanks Justin and your friendly staff! :patriot:
  17. bigcheif

    custom drag link/center link

    Searching in the archives, I saw that dom material was recommended. Is this a must,or can solid stock be used? Reason I am asking is,I can get ANY material for next to nothing! My dad retired as the foreman at a steel Co ..I was thinking of going solid bar stainless, with d1 tres. Any thoughts?
  18. bigcheif

    greaseable tie rods

    Does anyone make greaseable tie rod ends for disco2's? Mine are roached out!
  19. bigcheif

    solar temp sensor?

    What effect does this sensor have if it is'nt working? i did some a/c maint on the d2 and mommas van today. looking at rave to see if the system has a replaceable filter, i came across info on the solar temp sensor. i did the self check per rave, and got a code 21 and 22. left and right side...
  20. bigcheif

    rear gate hinges

    Is the rear gate typically stiff to open? I did a search here on this,and got a blank. I have sprayed everything known ( to me ) on the hinges to make it a little easier to open, only to end up witth fair results.