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  1. Lake_Bueller

    1997 Discovery XD - not running $1000

    So what’s the reasonable price for a clean low version SD rack???
  2. Lake_Bueller

    1997 Discovery XD - not running $1000

    Unfortunately, it may be beyond saving. It would be a best to build a "clone" with the panels. Or spare parts for somebody. It's looking more likely that I'll part it out. I'm not sure what & how much I want to keep. The rack and skid plates would be the first thing to go. The other truck is...
  3. Lake_Bueller

    1997 Discovery XD - not running $1000

    Located about 20 minutes east of Madison, WI It is the low profile rack that was part of the XD package
  4. Lake_Bueller

    1997 Discovery XD - not running $1000

    I bought this with a bundle deal that included another XD. Here's the 411: Its rusty as hell (see video link) Im not sure why it doesn't run. It was part of a bundle buy. The previous owner is completely Rover incompetent. The roof rack and skid plates are there. So are the black castor rims...
  5. Lake_Bueller

    2020 Defender

    And the D5 is essentially a minivan :rolleyes:
  6. Lake_Bueller

    Pick my plate

    Bringing back a 13 y/o tread :rolleyes: Looking for ideas for plates on my XD. Wisconsin always up to 7 characters and one "space". So far I have these on other vehicles: MENNIS - G4 4X4XFAR - 99 TReK WINEFAN - wife's car MENNIS 2 - 2002 Corvette Ideas so far: H8 MUD XD ROVER EXPO TRK
  7. Lake_Bueller

    Windshield A pillar trim D2

    I'm sure Will Tillery will chime in with the part. I've gotten one from him before. Is that picture your truck? I have a 99 TReK edition.
  8. Lake_Bueller


    When I was purchasing my G4 (way back in 2009), the dealership was offering a warranty. I was going to purchase just for the potential headgasket issues. But after reading the small print, the headgasket replacement was EXEMPT from the warranty. They're not stupid and will exclude commonly know...
  9. Lake_Bueller

    Disco 1

    I've never heard of such a beast. I'd be interested to see if anybody has pictures. A quick Google search didn't show any results.
  10. Lake_Bueller

    Engine Replacement Project for Disco 1

    If you decide to go with a 4.6 and want to do a complete rebuild, I have a complete kit from Turner Engineering in the UK with top hat liners, new pistons & rings, crank, etc, etc, etc.
  11. Lake_Bueller

    2020 Defender

    Agreed. It's like saying a dog is the same as a wolf. Maybe they share some DNA, but they're not the same beast
  12. Lake_Bueller

    No lower heat on D1

    So my newest project (1997 D1 XD) is getting good heat to the upper vents but blowing cold air from the bottom. I'm assuming there is a blender motor/vent/something that isn't functioning properly. Is there a quick and easy fix? Or is this going to be a process?
  13. Lake_Bueller

    A Treatise on Bad Decisions: My XD

    I'll have to look at the plaque again for the date. I want to say it was Dec. 1996, I have a non-running XD that was part of the package deal. I have it for sale but it's rough. The build date on that one is 12/14/96
  14. Lake_Bueller

    WTB - D1 lift springs and shocks

    Located in Southcentral Wisconsin. About 1 1/2 northwest of downtown Chicago
  15. Lake_Bueller

    A Treatise on Bad Decisions: My XD

    Fast forward a few weeks and look what found it's way into my possesion (mostly by mistake) She's a little rusty and a lot crusty (parked in a barn for the most of the past 3 years). Needs an electrical gremlin solved, tires are roached, and the brakes are super spongy. But it will look nice...
  16. Lake_Bueller

    WTB - D1 lift springs and shocks

    I'm looking to do a "budget build" on a 1997 XD that I picked up. Nothing to crazy. But I don't think any Disco looks right without a little added height. The truck is in desperate need of tires. I'd rather buy something that would fit the lift instead of doing the tire thing twice.
  17. Lake_Bueller

    Gas additive for Winter storage

    Luckily, I get premium w/o ethonal where I live. No real need to add a stabilizer for me.
  18. Lake_Bueller

    A Treatise on Bad Decisions: My XD

    Good luck! You should move this to the Projects section to make it easier to follow.
  19. Lake_Bueller

    Ashcroft D2 rear axle half shafts

    Beloit, WI About 1 1/2 hours northwest of Chicago