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  1. J

    1993 DI Diesel 5 Speed on FB in NY

    Well you guys are in luck, buy the truck and on your way home you can buy a white non-sunroof roof from my 95 DI... :)
  2. J

    1995 DI SE7 Manual 1 Owner on Long Island, NY - Fleabay

    Here's another beauty. If anyone buys it and needs a good condition dash let me know, I have one.
  3. J

    1993 DI Diesel 5 Speed on FB in NY

    Yeah, they are similar to the MJ Lee (which I have and love :))
  4. J

    1993 DI Diesel 5 Speed on FB in NY

    Found this in my area. If anyone wants me to check it out for them I'm only a few mins from New City.
  5. J

    LR3 Dead? ECU/ECM Not Detected. Please Help

    Did you try unplugging the wire you connected and see if it starts? Just a thought.
  6. J

    D1 manual seat passenger side or just the frame

    The drivers seat has some rips.
  7. J

    D1 manual seat passenger side or just the frame

    1995 DI Front Seat
  8. J

    Another LR3 Purchase question...

    Thank you guys!! Yeah, I'll pass on this one I'll keep looking.
  9. J

    Another LR3 Purchase question...

    I went to see a 2005 LR3 SE with 103K miles. I did some research here first (glad I did). First thing I noticed: 1. Duct tape on bottom of windscreen (between cowl and windshield), ask the seller about this and he said they replaced the windshield ad left the tape. I told him WRONG!!! They...
  10. J

    D1 under seat trim

    I think I have some: LR Parts
  11. J

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    My wife, daughter and me work for a Non-profit and we get to carryover our vac/sick days.
  12. J

    RRC SS exhaust ?

    Janspeed exhaust in the UK.
  13. J

    Covid19 Seclusion Thread

    I'm in NYC and cannot work remotely. My wife is working from home and my biggest concern is getting sick and bringing shit home. I do ride a motorcycle in so I don't have to take public transportation but since I work in a hospital I'm sure I'll get sick. Stay healthy everyone!
  14. J

    WTB - 4.2 Multibelt Engine for 94 RRC

    I have 2 or 3 4.2s.
  15. J

    Lr3 purchase

    If the NY truck is in or around the city I can take a look at it for you. Let me know.
  16. J

    2000 Discovery II $750

    Will Tillery
  17. J

    RRC rear ARB Bumper delivered to Uwharrie

    I want this bumper since I have the original diamond plate for it. You say UPS will ship? If so, can you tell me how much to Tappan, NY 10983. Thanks.
  18. J

    Safety Devices Highlander Rack for sale

    Where in CT?
  19. J

    Some D1 bits

    Do you still have the RR rear bumper?
  20. J

    Honda discovery. . .

    Probably the most un-reliable Honda ever built... :)