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  1. Frobisher

    Treadwright or wrong?

    What’s the current opinion of Treadwright bead to bead tires? I haven’t noticed much in the forums lately on them, so is there any recent experience here? I’m about due to replace my 215/85 pizza cutters, and their prices are very tempting. Thanks.
  2. Frobisher

    No reverse lights

    Much to my dismay, I just discovered my reverse lights (95 Disco - auto trans) are not working. How long that has been so is uncertain, so now what? Bulbs are good, fuse is good, the reverse light switch mechanically works when depressed, so how do I sort it out? I've done a lot of searching...
  3. Frobisher

    tie rod ends

    How much difference is there in various tie rod ends? I put a set on from Lucky 8 last year, and they have not lasted well. They weren't greasable, but when Lucky 8 replaced one early on for me, they sent a greasable one. It seemed quite a bit nicer. So, Rockauto has a variety from API...
  4. Frobisher

    New rack lights now no front windows?

    Just when it seemed like an easy job... I wired up some old school roof lights to my 95 D1, everything by the book with correct splices, shrink-wrap, relay, fuse, and good wire. They are running off the rear washer switch since it never seemed to work. I button everything up after a test...
  5. Frobisher

    D1 Fuse 14 conundrum

    Having tried to sort this out for the past two weeks with both the RAVE and the Haynes manual along with numerous web and discoweb searches, I'm a bit flummoxed so it's time to ask the big guns for some advice. I've checked continuity, which seems good, and I can't find any bad grounds, though...
  6. Frobisher

    Sir Martin Frobisher :: 1995 Land Rover Discovery 1

    Sir Martin Frobisher :: 1995 Land Rover Discovery (2016-12-04 19:41:19)