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  1. Frobisher

    1996 Disco fuel filter replacement

    Cut it and replace it with something like the Purolator above. I pick mine up at Napa for a few dollars. Then go clean the gutters!
  2. Frobisher

    Started, quit, and the mystery began...

    As someone once told me, get comfortable with mystery. It’s good to hear you have forward progress. If you stay within a small radius of your place, you could get towed back on the cheap if it came to that. Hopefully, it won’t!
  3. Frobisher

    Rear work lights, and brighter interior trunk lights

    Here’s my set-up: 1. Work light wired through trailer harness and fog light switch. Hit the dash switch and both fogs and work light turn on. The switch you see by the outlet kills the work light but not the fogs. It’s wired hot full time. This was my first mod. If I only knew then what I...
  4. Frobisher

    Rear work lights, and brighter interior trunk lights

    I wired one of these into the cargo area ceiling. It’s connected to the boot light in the lower right corner so it activates just like any other dome light. If you look, you may even find it in almond to almost the D1 interior. Just search for dome light (RV, etc) on Amazon and they’ll pop...
  5. Frobisher

    Meet "Oreo" - 1996 Land Rover Discovery Project

    That article covers all the details pretty nicely. The video gives you a little better hands-on eyes-on if you can find it. Being prepared ahead is really the key no matter. That would be with both materials and mental.
  6. Frobisher

    Meet "Oreo" - 1996 Land Rover Discovery Project

    The video I mentioned is by @eliaschristeas right here on DWeb. It was a lifesaver for me, and I just stumbled across it. Contact him, and maybe he can help you with a link to the video. I don’t know how I got it, and I sure can’t figure out how to share it. It’s the best tutorial out there.
  7. Frobisher

    Meet "Oreo" - 1996 Land Rover Discovery Project

    My experience was just that: i could manage short trips and stay cool, but hit the highway or drive for a while, and I redlined. Put a used RRC rad in and was good to go. When it finally gave out, I installed a new Nissen and it's been all good. A bit more plastic than I like, but no...
  8. Frobisher

    I need a clock

    Yes, as I understood it at the time, 95 was the only year the RRC dashes were similar enough for it to work. They’re out there, so it's worth the hunt.
  9. Frobisher

    I need a clock

    I did the swap a few years ago. You need a clock/hazard light combo from a 95 RRC since it's the only one that fits a Disco. The wiring is straightforward but slightly different. I think you connect one less wire. Its on the web somewhere, but it’s easy and worth it.
  10. Frobisher

    whats the current consensus on seat covers for a D1?

    I realize these are low budget for what most of you are looking at, but for the money, they're hard to beat. I've had the tan ones for several years, and they've held up to everything I've dished out so far.
  11. Frobisher

    D1 Seat covers

    I have the Cabela's covers as well on my 95 with manual seats, and they've been great.
  12. Frobisher

    D2 Door Seal Sets... Perfect for d1 or swb

    I bought a set for my D1 from Will awhile back, and they definitely improved noise and cold air sneaking in.
  13. Frobisher

    My first Land Rover

    It may get frustrating at times, but it will be so worth it once you get it rolling. Our ‘95 was at death’s door when we got it, and it was so rewarding to have it fire up after working on it for a few weeks. In 20 degree weather...
  14. Frobisher

    D1 Front Recovery Point Options - No Aftermarket Bumper

    A front end 2” receiver has been the ticket for me. Bolt it to the frame rails, and you’re good to go. Plus, your recovery point can serve other purposes as well.
  15. Frobisher

    D1 Alternator discussion

    Nice work! The electrical mysteries with these seem to be never-ending.
  16. Frobisher

    D1 Alternator discussion

    Did you have any buzz in your radio possibly related to your alternator issue? I put in a used one recently from Will T. as well, which eliminated a bad buzzing. It was replaced with a faint hum and the slight intermittent flickering lights and console lights. My chassis to ground seems to...
  17. Frobisher

    America runs on Dunkin...

    Eye of Saurbucks.
  18. Frobisher

    America runs on Dunkin...

    That looks like maybe it should be in Middle Earth.
  19. Frobisher

    Need D1 fuel tank cradle

    Will Tillery is your man. I got one from him last year quick and easy.
  20. Frobisher

    Fuel, Gas, Petrol, Leak

    I dropped my tank when I did mine, but spraying a little lube should ease it on. I don’t recall the brand, but it was 3/4” ID fuel-rated. Maybe that’s a tad smaller than the original, but it will definitely go.