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  1. salvvia


    Thanks again Will T. For a good set of seats
  2. salvvia

    Back again
  3. salvvia

    CL Knoxville not mine should be somebodys
  4. salvvia

    Years called new

    Happy New Yarr....
  5. salvvia


    Has anyone had any dealings with or been a part of the (uscda)
  6. salvvia

    D2 window trim

    Does anyone know where to get the thin rubber strip between the cowl and bottom of the windshield on a D2 ..:eek:
  7. salvvia

    Diff gaurd

    Any body got any thoughts on bearmach disco diff skid plate s
  8. salvvia

    D1 STEERING box

    Looking for a good non leaking steering box..for D1
  9. salvvia

    defender engine trans not mine not mine but maybe a good deal?
  10. salvvia


    Any body know a good transmision guy in east tn. I need a clutch put in my d1 and dont have time
  11. salvvia

    Clutch kit

    Looking for an original factory clutch kit for 5 spd d1 not OE made today but original factory clutch kit just because i know it works
  12. salvvia

    Best exhaust cats for d1 and d2

    Whats the best cats for a d1 and d2 besides calico or simeese And has anybody figured out the best way to run without the check engine light on with the secondary air deleted other than changing out the comp modules.
  13. salvvia

    Tube doors

    Any body got a cad design drawing or anything for tube doors
  14. salvvia

    D2 black leather

    D2 Black leather seats 8/10 condition Pull A Part Knoxville Tn. They were there WED of this week
  15. salvvia

    Manual mode

    03 d2. shift into low and press mode it should go to manual mode and allow for HDC but stays in sport mode. any body got anything on it
  16. salvvia

    Secondary air delete

    Deleted sec air by putting in 4.0 heads any way to reprogram the ecm to make the check engine light go off 2003 disco
  17. salvvia

    Pelican 1660

    Pelican 1660 fresh in from IRAQ. Not perfect missing 1 of the small metal tabs that cover the lock holes. Good seal and vent and latches weathered but a good case for off road necessities 195.00 no shipping but will meet with in reason for a 6 pack of Majic Hat #9 Let me know if you need it im...
  18. salvvia

    East Tn. Trails non pay where at

    Any body got any knowledge of trails around knoxville surrounding areas big southfork use to have some access but it appears to be locked down now. Other than windcock theres not much out there any more need to get muddy for a day..Dang
  19. salvvia

    why not Defender looks functional to me GO
  20. salvvia

    265/70/18 ATs

    anything in east Tn.