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    Thanks again Will T. For a good set of seats
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    1994 D1 Project

    I efn digg it man nice work glad to see somebody is still keepin them alive
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    Back again
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    D1 parts, parts, parts

    PM sent
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    Old Man Emu Springs

    I would love to have some good reliable info on ome springs
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    Converting from Manual to Auto

    Check with PT i think you may need an ecm from an auto truck
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    DiscoWeb (no longer) needs your help

    I just saw the shout out. next time put it in all the forums i will donate next time unless its still open BECAUSE this is the BEST DAMN ROVER SITE IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. Your work is much appreciated Now get to work and que up the smart asses its the only thing missing
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    Rang Rover on 28s

    Hell yeah whos got the tec 9 i got the gauge
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    1st time Disco owner.

    Check drive line it will most likely vibrate while loading and loading torque Truck looks good
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    O2 no activity! (No NYS inspection too) F!

    If you dont know now you Know.....dont be bitchin and stop moving slow hope you find the issue And by the way where the hell did all the non standard emojis GO im pissed
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    Opinions on Tires

  12. salvvia

    Opinions on Tires

    Look at the mickey thompsons and dick cepek they make a good tire and summit racing runs deals on them all the time i bought 5) 235 85 16 extreme country i think it was around 670 to my a couple months ago
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    I'm an idiot

    Blanking plate is for the headlight leveling option imgine if your truck was heavily sagging in the back aiming headlightscat the trees. It was a way of adjusting them down electricaly with a servo motor mine had the plugs behind the headlights ready for install
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    1st time Disco owner.

    Welcome.. before you sink your balls into to this white lady you better do some coolant inspection. Exhaust gas test on resivoir, flush radiator, get an oil sample check for coolant in oil and look at the rear frame horns at the welds on seam they are waiting to rust through. I am sure i missed...
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    High pitched squeal coming from rear engine area

    Maybe a vacum line check all of them And somebody please chime with a veteran smart ass coment or my spelling is going to get worse. And hurry And a solution for this ladd
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    Push On Fix - RTC 5984

    Hell ill take 3 maybe it will fix my gas mileage and muffler bearings they are squeeling again
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    Push On Fix - RTC 5984

    Wth is it
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    High pitched squeal coming from rear engine area

    Maybe intake gasket try tighting bolts
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    Where would I find

    Rockware but you may have to send him a core
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    FS: 2001 DII with 85k miles, Atlanta GA

    Were those pictures taken when new or has it been in a bubble looks xtra clean how is the frame