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  1. F18Guy

    Steve Young, and his Bullshit

    Years ago, Master Po himself told me to be patient. He said that Karma's slowness can be challenging, yet when it arrives, everyone will benefit. Thank you Master Po.
  2. F18Guy

    Cockpit chatter

    Cessna 152: 'Flight Level Three Thousand, Seven Hundred' Controller: 'Roger, contact Houston Space Center ' Hahahahaha, That is classic.
  3. F18Guy

    better get your PT Looser before they are

    I hope that Saab is able to go independent in 2010; as opposed to being shut down because of zero GM or Swede Gov't funding.
  4. F18Guy

    Must Read:

    I would say no to that question. :-)
  5. F18Guy

    Must Read:

    Interesting timing on this thread. Yesterday I participated in a meeting with my HR Rep and she was explaining to me how things "may" be when I retire. One powerful comment that she made directly correlates with the quote above and that is, "people do not spend enough time to research and vote...
  6. F18Guy

    Occupations/Careers ?

    Up until 2004, I was V22Guy...then became F18Guy. Then last month I moved to AZ to become "Apache+26 other defense program Guy" Some day, I'll give up this corporate rat race in the defense sector and become Garrett's assistant as a junior looper.
  7. F18Guy

    "Whale Wars" on Discovery channel

    Since the Indian Navy has just proved that they can sink a Thai fishing boat...aka the mother ship. Perhaps they should be fragged out to engage the Japenese whalers.
  8. F18Guy

    Mr. Mike Fisher

    Hahahaha! A few weeks back I flew on JAL between Tokyo and Inhcon....I was very very happy with the attendents on those flights.
  9. F18Guy

    Mr. Mike Fisher

    IT' really getting bad up there these days. As the airlines slim down flight capacity, the stu's with more seniority are staying...and the hotties are going home. :mad:
  10. F18Guy

    How do I find someone?

    There ya go, problem solved Chris. The loser that is ducking out on you can delt with via the Joran contracting firm. ;)
  11. F18Guy

    How do I find someone?

    okay, what is th update on this?
  12. F18Guy

    Big Three Bailout?

    Hahaha...don't forget that ugly ass shoebox called the Flex. WTF?
  13. F18Guy

    Big Three Bailout?

    The UAW does not design...their blame involves bending over the Detroit 3 for crazy wages and benefits. The design blame falls under the leadership...especially the loser who approved the Aztek :rofl:
  14. F18Guy

    Big Three Bailout?

    Toyota followed by VW. If GM fails, that is sure to affect over 2000 suppliers over and above all the UAW peeps. A lot of people say the UAW is to blame...I believe the lack of leadership by the Detroit three holds equal responsibility in their current failures. Personally, I say let them...
  15. F18Guy

    Another Victim of Corperate America

    George, I am not sure what your skill sets are....but in times of job hunting, I like these guys:
  16. F18Guy

    Wonderfull Kuwait

    Happy Birthday Jarhead! S/F, Paul
  17. F18Guy

    Anyone apply for a South African visa lately?

    Gunny, How about a letter with the USMC / Unit logo on the letterhead, stating your good standing in the Corps; thus verifiying your employment and financial means. Just a thought...
  18. F18Guy

    Obama VP- Joe Biden

    Exactly. :patriot:
  19. F18Guy

    Kansas City Storms

    Glad to hear you faired okay Bill. The skies are looking very dark at my location in St. Louis.
  20. F18Guy

    Hella FF700's that toast in your pocket..or are you happy to be there...