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  1. eXtraDutyDisco

    1997 Disco Immobilized

    Looking at purchasing another 1997 D1. It's sitting at a mechanic/restoration shop where it's been for a few months with a missing key fob and no start. The mechanic says it immobilized and the truck "thinks it's stolen" due to the missing key fob so the ECM is cutting power to the fuel pump...
  2. eXtraDutyDisco

    D1 Exhaust Replacement

    I have the cats from AB and exhaust kit from RN (links below). Looking for some install instructions or tips. I crawled under my XD, and it looks like I'll need to cut the pipe (possibly in 2 places) to get it out without removing my rear axle. Does anyone have experience with these kits? The...
  3. eXtraDutyDisco

    Engine Replacement or Rebuild?

    Pretty sure it's time to do some major work on my XD's engine. I'm hearing a low-end knock. I've got approx 150k on the engine, and am prepping for a trip in a few years to Alaska, so I want it to be in the best condition possible. I'm ready to shut it down for a year or two if needed. I plan to...
  4. eXtraDutyDisco

    Rear D1 Shocks 2"

    Looking for a pair of lightly used rear shocks for my XD to tide me over until I can replace all four. My rear set is shot and need to get it fixed ASAP. Want something from Bilstein, OME, or TF that will accomodate a 2" lift. Looking to be under $100 all in if possible. For the right price...
  5. eXtraDutyDisco

    D1 Safari Guard Rock Sliders

    I just picked up a pair of D1 SG Rock Sliders for my XD. I'm curious if there are any instructions or tips I should be aware of before I begin the install. Thanks!
  6. eXtraDutyDisco

    O2 Sensors, OBDII Codes, and a stupid question

    After running my '97 XD for a few years with the CEL on, I've decided it's time to get it fixed properly. I have a simple OBDII reader, and the issue was the downstream O2 sensors. Because I'm cheap, I just kept resetting the code anytime I had to go through DEQ to register the truck here in...
  7. eXtraDutyDisco

    Calanran :: 2006 Land Rover LR3

    2018 Land Rover (2018-01-13 16:02:56)
  8. eXtraDutyDisco

    LR3 Driver Side Hot Brakes

    Had our 2006 LR3 for about 2 month, and I have a re-occuring issue with the driver's side rear getting hot. I can smell it when I park in our garage, and the disc is very hot to the touch, like burn your finger instantly (don't ask me how I know). The issue first happened about a month ago, so I...
  9. eXtraDutyDisco

    Calling all TReK '96 Trucks!

    Looking for any/all of the original Land Rover TReK '96 trucks. I'm trying to see how many are left and working on an article for Rovers North. If you own (or know of the location of) one of the original 10 event trucks, please PM me. Thanks! As a bonus, here's a pic from the event!
  10. eXtraDutyDisco

    Brake Line Leak

    on my way home from the coast on Saturday, my brakes suddenly got very squishy, having to press the pedal all the way to the floor and my 'BRAKE" light came on the dash. Sunday I checked the brake fluid, and it was empty, so I filled it up. As soon as I pressed the pedal she started peeing out...
  11. eXtraDutyDisco

    Land Rover Discovery XD - 20th Anniversary

    All, I'm feeling inspired tonight, so I want to get this out there. Next year is the 20th anniversary of the Land Rover Discovery XD. While this may not be a big deal to most of you (yes, I know it's just an SD with Yellow paint), but to me as an owner of one, I'm really excited about the...
  12. eXtraDutyDisco

    D1 - REAR HD Spring Pair

    On the hunt for a new set of springs to lift my sagging rear end. I've already bought one pair used, and they didn't turn out to be a lift as promised. If someone's got a set of HD, 1.5-2" lifted, REAR springs for D1, I'd gladly take them off your hands. PM me if so. Otherwise, any opinions...
  13. eXtraDutyDisco

    New Zealand Texting Ad Disco

    Anybody else notice the first car in this ad that's making the rounds on the interwebs? Would love to see what the truck looks like on the outside!
  14. eXtraDutyDisco

    Wanted: 1997 LR Dealership Literature

    This isn't as much a "parts wanted" thread, as it is a "paperwork wanted" thread... I've started a collection of literature from 1997 for all things land rover. I'm trying to collect everything you'd get from the dealership if you were to walk in the door in 1997, looking to buy a Discovery...
  15. eXtraDutyDisco

    1997 Disco Alternator

    Looking for a good condition alternator for my 1997 disco. Currently, I get 18V output and my lights are flickering. Thanks, Joey
  16. eXtraDutyDisco

    Dash Brake Light

    After some fun in the woods last weekend, my dash brake light fades in and out while driving. It comes on while braking and then after releasing the brakes, it fades after a few seconds. I checked the fluid level, it looked good, but should I do a bleed and refresh? Or could this be something else?
  17. eXtraDutyDisco

    Buzz :: 1997 Land Rover Discovery

    Buzz :: 1997 Land Rover Discovery (2015-08-25 03:54:00)
  18. eXtraDutyDisco

    Tires, Lift and Winch - Need some advice

    I need some suspension advice. My tires were long overdue for replacement, I found a used set of 235/85 r16 AT tires for a temporary solve until I can purchase a set of BFG's. We got them installed, but now there's some serious rubbing going on. My rear suspension has been sagging, so I knew...
  19. eXtraDutyDisco

    Used Shocks/Springs Question

    I bought a set of Bilstein shocks used. They were already pulled when I bought them. One spring is taller than the others. Can someone confirm, is this the drivers side front spring?
  20. eXtraDutyDisco

    D1 Winch Mount Wanted

    I would like to put together a winch/brush guard setup similar to the original TRek Setup. I don't need the brush guard or the winch, just hoping to track down the mount. Anyone have any leads? It should look like this: Thanks!