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    JLR back on the block? .
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    The official DWeb Defender vs Bronco

    So what say you: with cost being no object, would you buy a new Defender or a new Bronco?
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    1971 Land Rover 88 Series IIA 4×4
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    Zombie apocalypse rig?
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    1995 D1 off-road loaded

    Good buddy of mine who many of you know - Luke from The Shop in Atlanta - is selling a 1995 D1 that used to belong to me. I bought the truck in Virginia from Adams back in 2007 and Luke bought from me around 2010 or 11 I think. Leopard pattern wrap. Some of you may be familiar with it. Very...
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    Anybody have one? Looking for feedback and observations. Particular regarding that iddy biddy engine.
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    What's going on with Discovery prices? At least based on this, they're going up. Considerably. Does this suggest some nostalgia for brand in light of a new fleet of grocery getters and luxury vehicles and the absence of a more rugged halo vehicle in the line-up?
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    Great American Rover Rally

    Anyone planning to attend? They’re saying they’ll have 300 vehicles and 500 attendees. I didn’t know there were that many Roverheads left.
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    I’m a new owner of an ‘85 90. And having thought about it a bit, I simply can’t live with the stance of these stock offset steelies. I know nothing about these trucks, having been a Disco guy these many years. It’s currently on 265s with stock offset steel wheels and 2” lift. Would like to run...
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    Can anyone recommend an Indy shop near Greenville SC? Thanks.
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    Darien Gap

    Can anyone link me to the original documentary of the RRCs doing the Darien Gap? Maybe my YouTube-fu is weak but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks.
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    Looking for a Series IIa 88 RHD

    Whatcha got?
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    Does the 2019 Discovery Sport have air suspension?

    Asking for a friend..... (no, really, lol). I assume it does because it has "terrain response"?
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    Classical music

    Any classical fans out there? I?ve been in and out of classical music since my childhood and I?m in a big ?in? at the moment. By ?classical? of course I mean baroque through romantic. Though I can?t seem to appreciate any modern composers outside of maybe G?recki (traditionalists and snobs...
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    Springs / Shocks

    Stock springs and shocks from an ?04 DII. Make me an offer.
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    AOP: let's try this again

    Roverheads: I'll be rolling out to AOP this Sunday, Aug 27. Let me know if anyone's in. Details below copypasta from my last thread: I would like to run a few trails at Adventure Off-Road Park in South Pittsburgh TN this Sunday. I don't like to run those trails solo, so please chime in or PM...
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    Molly :: 2001 Land Rover Discovery II

    Molly :: 2001 Land Rover Discovery II (2017-07-12 14:42:54)
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    Uwharrie Daniel

    I know many of you have driven up (and down) this trail numerous times, often in mildly built trucks. So check out this knucklehead: .
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    The next stage

    Stage One was your standard DII build. Stage Two was the Chop --there's a thread on that from back in 2005. Stage Three is this....
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    Rocks: AOP Sat 26th

    I would like to run a few trails at Adventure Off-Road Park in South Pittsburgh TN the Saturday and/or Sunday after Thanksgiving if anyone is interested. I don't like to run those trails solo, so please chime in or PM if interested. A bit of info about AOP: Private park with general...