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  1. Bumsnatch

    Rear 2004 DII rear taillights

    Help. I’m trying to understand how to wire a new set of lamps but don’t have a schematic. Anyone have one handy?
  2. Bumsnatch

    Muffeler and exhaust experiences

    Does anyone have a recommendation on replacing the center muffeler with something that makes a bit of sound? Magnaflow center 2.5” inlet dual 2.25 outlet or single? I have a shop willing to run dual exhaust pipes and dual Xflow loop mufflers for looks basically as I don’t intend to be all that...
  3. Bumsnatch

    Brake lights constantly on with running lights without running lights no operation

    I changed the switch for my brake lights and nothing happened. On with the running lights off with them off. Any ideas?
  4. Bumsnatch

    LHD power folding mirrors

    Is the 2004 LHD discovery like the RHD where you just plug and play? Also I understand the control module is by the computer, like the switch is on the Passinger side on RHD. Will I need a dash board loom to splice or is it the same LHD RHD? thanks
  5. Bumsnatch

    Folding mirrors on a North American rover 2

    I have the mirrors on the way, and I going to get a LHD dashboard. Do I need it?
  6. Bumsnatch

    Where does the power folding mirrors control unit go?

    I bought the mirrors and switch just need the control box or computer. Where is the pigtail located to plug it in?
  7. Bumsnatch

    Brake lights

    My brake lights won’t light up in daylight and won’t go off at night. If it were the brake switch I wouldn’t be able to get it out of park. Help?
  8. Bumsnatch

    Exhaust pipe size (lost caliper)

    Hello is the center Muffeler 2.5 inlet 2.5 outlet? I lost my caliper thanks
  9. Bumsnatch

    My truck thinks it’s Christmas (blinking lights)

    So I got these “3 amigos” and I ordered the part that will tell them what to do with themselves. The check engine light WAS in Business for itself, always on but blinking whenever. Now the oil light is coming on at red lights. Flashing or flickering with the engine. So is the oil pum weak or the...
  10. Bumsnatch

    How to remove front door for replacement?

    Hello i drove down to Chicago for a black door to match mine which someone swipes with their car. Broke the wire from the inside open handle. I see 2 pins with D hog rings and 2 pins. The whole door plugs in somewhere under the dash. But how do you go about disconnecting that slider/catch...
  11. Bumsnatch

    Overheating 4.6 also if it’s been 18 years...

    Hello my truck has 95K on it and techs from all over tell me about the slipped liner or head gasket. Somethings wrong but it ain’t that. First thing was the fan clutch which took Acetyleneto get off and ruined the water pump. Then it stayed cool for a few days but split the coolant reservoir...
  12. Bumsnatch

    The tech said...

    That’s about how this discussion went. The tech said something was a cheap fix then zipped up about it. I have a 2004 Disco and the brake, abs, and hill descent are all on in my truck. Does anyone know what ‘cheap fix’ he was referring to? A relay? Previous owner got air in the lines after...
  13. Bumsnatch

    Solid spare tire carrier with lock

    Hello I’m looking for the 18” D2 carrier with the metal band around the tire. thanks
  14. Bumsnatch

    Disco 2 fan clutch

    Hello! New member here with a 2004 discovery and I think the fan clutch has gone. The fan still still spins with resistance while cold but overheats off of the highway?