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  1. sdtim

    Current RAVE for D2 download

    Here are the PDFs I use. Repair and Electrical manuals.
  2. sdtim

    Free, You Pay Shipping Thread

    I need one for my clock. Do you know if the 'bulbs' are the same for D1 / D2s (I have a D2). Where did you find the bulb?
  3. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    I ran a lazy vs cheap analysis and decided to replace the coils and injectors instead of troubleshooting further. I just wrapped up installation of the new coil packs and six* refurbished injectors. Fired it up....and took it around the block a couple times. The Beast is running great! I'm...
  4. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    Yup...injectors have O-rings. I'm waiting on a new set of injectors to arrive.
  5. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    I've already replaced the spark plugs and installed a new set of 8mm Kingsborne wires. I've confirmed there is spark using two types of basic testers. And yes, I did hear the injector open and spray fuel from the residual pressure. However, I don't really know if either are working within...
  6. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    Well...this sucks. Got the bastard back together and took it for a spin around the block. I'm still getting a P308 - Cylinder 8 misfire detected code. This is getting annoying. I guess a new coil pack and set of injectors are up next...
  7. sdtim

    95 disco 1 speaker wiring diagram

    Are you trying to bypass the factory amp? I installed a new head unit and replaced speakers (front door/rear gate) in my D2. Handy trick: once you think you've found the correct wires going to the speakers (coming out of the amp), grab a 9 volt battery. Connect a wire to each terminal. Connect...
  8. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    Finally had a chance to pick up a compression tester and coolant system pressure tester (loaners from Autozone). Looks like the misfire may be the result of a coolant leak. Here is what I found. Compression test looked good 1 - 150 -- 2 - 155 3 - 150 -- 4 - 160 5 - 155 -- 6 - 150 7 - 160 -- 8 -...
  9. sdtim

    Discovery 2 parts in SoCal

    I know this is an old thread, but any chance the air filter box is still available? I need one for my 2003 Discovery.
  10. sdtim

    Diagnostic Tools for Newbies

    I have the Foxwell NT510 Elite (~$160-$180). It has been super useful in troubleshooting so far. I have been noodling on the idea of picking up a spare keyfob, since my truck only came with one. As mentioned by others, the Foxwell doesn't program keys. However, I've seen kits that come with...
  11. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    Truck had been running strong for months. Last weekend I got a P308 - Cylinder 8 misfire detected. Yesterday, I replaced the spark plugs and installed a new set of Kingsborne 8mm spark plug wires. After the repair, the truck fired right up and ran fine on a short test drive. However, took it out...
  12. sdtim

    Bullet holes and blood in this one

    Statistically you're way less likely to get shots fired at the same car twice...or so I'd imagine. I think you could market the bullet holes as a safety feature.
  13. sdtim

    Discovery 2 (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane Wheels - GONE!

    Yes! I just replied to your PM. Sorry for the delay. I just fixed my email notifications.
  14. sdtim

    2003 CDL Install Confusion

    First off...donniefitz2, thank you so much for including a copy of the instructions and the amazing video. I've already watched it several times. I have a 2004 transfer case that will be the nose cone donor for my 2003. Do you have any tricks / recommendations for getting the gears and spline...
  15. sdtim

    Discovery 2 (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane Wheels - GONE!

    It’s $40 + you email me prepaid shipping labels to slap on the boxes. The $40 is a handling fee. 😁 I did an online price estimated with FedEx. It's ~$140 to ship ground. OR....Rancho to Oceanside is 90 min each way. If you want to pick them up then they're absolutely free (well...minus your...
  16. sdtim

    Discovery 2 (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane Wheels - GONE!

    Hi Howski - Since the rims fit in the boxes for the steel wheels I ordered, shipping is now an option. See details in the updated posting. Let me know if you're interested.
  17. sdtim

    D2 Knock Sensor

    I saw two error codes: DTC knock sensor fault bank 1 P0327 knock/combustion vibration sensor A circuit low They're probably different interpretations of the same error as I saw them listed in different modules on my code reader.
  18. sdtim

    D2 Knock Sensor

    The knock sensor with the vulnerable wire is on the drivers side. I recently had an issue with mine that was triggering the three amigos. I had already replaced the sensors a few months prior. I inspected & cleaned the connector at the sensor. Then wrapped the wire with a few layers of...
  19. sdtim

    Discovery 2 (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane Wheels - GONE!

    ****WHEELS HAVE MOVED ON TO THEIR NEW HOME**** UPDATED: Set of (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane rims in pretty good condition...if I wasn't so lazy I would have washed them before taking photos. :) Includes (5) 18" Hurricane rims (1) set of used lugnuts (2) brand new spare lugnuts (5) center caps...
  20. sdtim

    Discovery 2 Power Steering Pump - Free

    I bought this new from Ebay (link). It whined from the moment it was installed despite numerous system bleeds. It only has a couple hundred miles of use. I ended up getting frustrated and ordering a new pump and lines. I've read that rebuilds are easy, but I didn't want to deal with it. Price...