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  1. sdtim

    P0308 Cylinder 8 (only) Misfire - New Plugs & Wires

    Truck had been running strong for months. Last weekend I got a P308 - Cylinder 8 misfire detected. Yesterday, I replaced the spark plugs and installed a new set of Kingsborne 8mm spark plug wires. After the repair, the truck fired right up and ran fine on a short test drive. However, took it out...
  2. sdtim

    Discovery 2 (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane Wheels - GONE!

    ****WHEELS HAVE MOVED ON TO THEIR NEW HOME**** UPDATED: Set of (5) 18" Discovery Hurricane rims in pretty good condition...if I wasn't so lazy I would have washed them before taking photos. :) Includes (5) 18" Hurricane rims (1) set of used lugnuts (2) brand new spare lugnuts (5) center caps...
  3. sdtim

    Discovery 2 Power Steering Pump - Free

    I bought this new from Ebay (link). It whined from the moment it was installed despite numerous system bleeds. It only has a couple hundred miles of use. I ended up getting frustrated and ordering a new pump and lines. I've read that rebuilds are easy, but I didn't want to deal with it. Price...