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  1. Swedjen2

    3 Degree Castor Corrected Radius Arms for 2004 D2

    Checking around to see if anyone has a set available before going with RTE, TF or Adrenalin.
  2. Swedjen2

    RTE-FAB Question

    Gentlemen, Has anyone recently placed an order with RTE-FAB within the last few months? Just looking for customer feedback before I order some 3 degree castor corrected radius and trailing arms. I called the other day...he said he could get them out in 3 weeks, but needs to fab them. Unless...
  3. Swedjen2

    A Solution to the Hot Running D2 Engines

    I installed an inline thermostat kit. Highway temps went from 198 plus/minus 2 degrees depending on outside temp and grade, to 182. I had a 3 hour drive from Placerville to San Jose, Ca. Stop and go around town went from 204 plus/minus to 186 plus/minus 2. I set the cruise control at 2250...
  4. Swedjen2

    RRC Classic vs. 2004 D2 Suspension

    Why does my 1990 RRC with at least 20 y.o. HD OME springs and whatever shocks OME sold at the time ride smoother than my 2004 D2 with new MD OME springs and new OME sport shocks? Noticeably more boat-like. The D2 has 1" spacer in front. I have mostly orange bushing in the RR. The Disco has...
  5. Swedjen2

    2004 D2 Bottle Jack Fail

    Another cautionary tale - So I ran over a 1/4" dia. x 2" long screw which punctured the middle of a fairly new all-terrain tire. When I pulled out the 17 year old bottle jack - that was rarely, if ever used - and started pumping, the only thing that happened was I pumped out all the hydraulic...
  6. Swedjen2

    1990 RRC Headlight Switch

    I've noticed that my dash and headlights occasionally go off while driving and I have to fiddle with the switch then everything lights up again. Are there any aftermarket options for that switch or are the replacements available somewhere? The original lasted 30 years before acting up, so that's...
  7. Swedjen2

    Superlocked with no EKA

    Is there a the default EKA code for the D2's? Like there is for the D1's? I had the key in the ignition and somehow spazzed out and must have hit the lock once or twice. The flashers start flashing, the horn starts horning and I have to sit there and take it. When everything finaly quit making...
  8. Swedjen2

    1990 RRC 3.9 engine rough Idle/stall

    Well, for the last 4+ years, the engine has been running virtually without a hiccup. It's been parked for a couple weeks, 1/4 tank of gas. Then today, I drove around a bit and the temp was normal, then stopped to shop. On starting up, it was not the smooth idle, but sounded and acted like it...
  9. Swedjen2

    4.6 P38 Cream Puff- Really

    2000 P38 4.6 One Owner 47K miles Calif Car 4X new air bags + extra set
  10. Swedjen2

    D2 Brake Upgrade

    I know this is one of those "beat to death threads," but I got'sta know, Is there anything to help stock D2 brakes - now that I'm running 16" steelies and 265/75-16 meats? Maybe Will T. has the answer?
  11. Swedjen2

    Steel Lug Nuts on a D2 - Correct Torque Value?

    Greetings, I'm getting new 16 x 8" steel rims and General ATX's installed today. I've seen various torque values for the steel nuts posted here. What should they be? Thanks
  12. Swedjen2

    RRC, D1, D2 Door Seals

    A couple of months ago, one of the members here said he was going to make a bunch of seals for the above vehicles. There was a lot of interest and "I'll buy a set" response. Just curious if it's going to happen, delayed due to Kung Flu, or..??
  13. Swedjen2

    Head Gasket & 180 Thermostat Preferences

    Found the leak on my 2004. Front of the driver side head. So, I just had the heads pulled and found a few issues. 1) The P.O. used ARP studs but didn't tighten the drivers side head as well as the passenger side, because the nuts were noticeably easier to loosen. Had to use the next size Hex...
  14. Swedjen2

    Make Your Time

  15. Swedjen2

    move zig

    for great justice
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    LT230 T-Case swap into 1990 RRC

    Since many here are familiar with or have RRCs as well as Disco's, I thought I'd ask here. Can I replace the 165K mile BorgWarner T-Case unit with a 2002 LT230 and a 2004 D2 transfer case shifter assy? or do I need all D1 parts.
  17. Swedjen2

    Lean Misfire at Idle - Custom Cam issue?

    I've posted about this before. About once a tankful, if I sit and idle for more than a couple minutes, I get the P0300-P0308 misfire codes. The cam is a custom grind, probably opens the valves too much at idle for the amount of fuel being fed in - 700ish RPMs. When it's at 800-900 rpm - no...
  18. Swedjen2

    Misfire at Idle Only

    I have a '04 D2, about 10K on a rebuilt engine - D&D (the outfit in Michigan) machined the original block, added top-hat liners, Wedgeshop cam, just about everything else new- coils, injectors, plugs, O2 sensors, wires, etc. It's an SAI engine, (Calif. vehicle) If I let the vehicle idle much...
  19. Swedjen2

    Making D2 Brakes Better - What's the Solution?

    I've got a '90 RRC and an '04 D2. The '90's brakes are firm right at the top, not soft, no mush, no double pumping required. If I had to lock'em up in a panic, they'd lock and squeel like a pig until the ABS kicked in. The D2...well, I couldn't skid the tires if I tried. In a panic stop...
  20. Swedjen2

    Engine Number

    Hello All, I'm in the process of upgrading/repairing my 2001 D2. The engine's got a slipped liner that pumps hydrocarbons into the coolant and the tranny's throwing "I'm finished" codes. The rig has too many good mods/upgrades to junk just yet. That said, can anyone point me in the right...