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  1. ukoffroad

    Jeep porn

    Not nearly enough light bars. I had a 98 TJ, loved it. Looking at the Gladiator when my son starts driving, put him in my Volvo. I have not driven one yet, so who knows.
  2. ukoffroad

    03 04 D2 Passenger Tail Light $110

    Will Tillery has them used for less, similar condition. Just being honest, I think I paid $100 for a pair from him last year.
  3. ukoffroad

    97 D1 SE7 with 4.6 and upgrades

    I was kinda thinking the same thing. That and the Detroit's at least.
  4. ukoffroad

    Head Bolts not moving

    breaker bar extension is critical, I use a hilift handle as well. Keep meaning to buy a bit of pipe that is smaller for the job.
  5. ukoffroad

    Anyone turn a D2 into a trayback?

    I do not own one, I have a standard D2. Just Exploring options. I have found project trucks with Will before. My son turns 16 in May so having a second trail truck is intriguing.
  6. ukoffroad

    Anyone turn a D2 into a trayback?
  7. ukoffroad

    Anyone turn a D2 into a trayback?

    I have seen that as well, thought the same thing!
  8. ukoffroad

    Anyone turn a D2 into a trayback?

    Not really shopping, but found another D2 local to me that was damaged in the back, and wondering if anyone stateside had done this. I know Drew from LLR had a crude one years ago, thinking more truck back. Long Ranger in the UK has a kit, but getting one here might be a challenge.
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    Uglier than a boiled cabbage.
  10. ukoffroad


    That is exactly what my boyfriend said.
  11. ukoffroad


    I am just here to see if my motorcycle makes me look as gay as my other stuff.
  12. ukoffroad

    Anybody know where I can get something like this - gauge pod?

    I was thinking ultragauge as well, you can program what panels they display
  13. ukoffroad

    1996 D1, SD rack, ARB lockers and 4.11’s and more

    Those low racks are super hard to find most days. That is a hell of a deal.
  14. ukoffroad

    MKIII Supercharged things to look for before buying.

    I have heard both extremes, some with few issues, well maintained, and some money pits. Plan for the worst, hope for the best as with all Rovers.
  15. ukoffroad

    03 D2: Red oil light turns on at the end of regular drive up mountain.

    Fram makes multiple filters, why would that be the cause?
  16. ukoffroad

    Any motorcycle fans here?

    Got a 200 mile ride in on Saturday, I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. I had not ridden much since the 90s.
  17. ukoffroad

    Any motorcycle fans here?

    That Yamaha reminds me of an MX 125 I had back in the 80s, like this one.
  18. ukoffroad

    Any motorcycle fans here?

    Love the look of the Ducati 916!