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  1. Swedjen2

    Anyone have a review for the Atlantic British long or short block engines?

    I've called the Wedge shop several times. they have never answered me either.
  2. Swedjen2

    Anyone have a review for the Atlantic British long or short block engines?

    At least get them to install a Crower cam while they're at it. Sounds like there is plenty of time. I have a wedge shop cam in mine. less than impressed, unless it has something to do with the 17+mpg I get at 65. OTOH, the idle could be smoother and throws misfire codes that disappear with...
  3. Swedjen2

    03 D2: Red oil light turns on at the end of regular drive up mountain.

    there is such a thing as too thick. What happened with 20/50? Amsoil makes a 20/50 fyi.
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    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    Oh, FFS
  5. Swedjen2

    Normal temperature but all of a sudden when stoped blew out a gallon of coolant

    Do you mean clear as in a Pepsi bottle clear? Or opaque yellow? With respect to Tugela, the clear ones are questionable from what I've read. I just read where someone else just bought and aluminum tank for $167 from Allisport in the U.K. Finest quality. The welding was artwork. The other problem...
  6. Swedjen2

    Double hookes propshaft

    Great Basin Rovers, Lucky 8, I'm sure Rovers North and Atlantic British carry front shafts. GBR makes their own, Lucky 8 sells Tom Woods drive shafts which have excellent reputations. I have a GBR double-cardon for my D2. Bob's your uncle.
  7. Swedjen2

    Making it 6 hours across the hot desert

    Did you ever check the oil level in the diff and the rest of the truck? That's usually the reason diffs blow up if your mostly driving on the street. You're missing a lot of trim on that truck. Indicates the P.O. didn't take care of it like it should have been. Wheel and tire combo looks good...
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    Making it 6 hours across the hot desert

    I keep looking at the AZLRO club website - real nice website, but doesn't look very active. What am I missing?
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    Chevy 350 conversion

    If you are in California, you can't get this swap approved for emissions, so no license to drive on public roads. When I move outta' here......... Unless you are a Sovereign Citizen, then you can argue with the cops that you're a citizen of the world, not any country and your vehicle is a...
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    Intro post, new D2 owner

    That's right where they should be. Good job.
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    Intro post, new D2 owner

    Nice job on the new tire carrier. I just could not reply to your last post though. All I could see on my screen was a a beer gut a'hangin. I hope the 180 degree t'stat works out, but you shouldn't see the temperatures you report unless the ambient temp is 100+. I have an in-line system and...
  12. Swedjen2

    Intro post, new D2 owner

    As far as what oil to use, there have been whole novels written about that. If you are running synthetic, make sure it has a hi zinc content, like Amsoil 20-50. It's expensive though. Many here use Shell Rotella T-4 for Dino oil. (The 15W-40 Rotella T with Triple Protection oil has approximately...
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    Italian tune-up. Do you have about a 10 mile stretch of freeway nearby? You'll have to exceed the speed limit, somewhat. What brand and grade of oil do you use? What brand of gas do you run? What octane level? Run a couple tanks of Chevron or Texaco 92 octane AND a bottle of Techron, then report...
  14. Swedjen2

    Intro post, new D2 owner

    I could drive at 70-75 fine, but it feels comfortable at 65-70. I drove 70-75 from SLC to Reno n.p. Decent weather. Chevron or Texaco Premium, then Exxon Mobile. Shell has more sulfer in their gas. Can't believe you haven't asked about which coolant, oil and filter to use yet.:)
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    Intro post, new D2 owner

    I use cruise control and can get 17.5 mpg @2250 rpms which is 65 MPH in mine. 265/75-16 General AT3's on 8" steel rims. That's on a flat freeway. Around town stop and go - 10-12 mpg maybe. If you're going up and down I-70 thru the Eisenhower tunnel at 70-75, well.... If you're on I-25, you ought...
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    A Solution to the Hot Running D2 Engines

    How old is your radiator? I've got a <2 y/o Nissens. I'd like to get an Allisport, but they don't seem interested in answering emails.
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    2004 Land Rover Discovery 2 SE (20k on Rebuilt Cannibal V8 Engine, 140k Total)

    Cannibal engine, huh? Is it still dry? As in, seeping oil (or worse)? Unless they've cleaned up their past spotty performance, they are on a lot of s. lists. Sorry, but them's the facts. Hopefully, yours is fine.
  18. Swedjen2

    Interior Improvements

    Pioneer, amp, subwoofer in back, replaced the stock speakers with Focal Flax. Somewhat stunning. Somewhat pricey. Gimme Shelter and most Pink Floyd at #30 is P.F. Awesome.
  19. Swedjen2

    3 Degree Castor Corrected Radius Arms for 2004 D2

    Checking around to see if anyone has a set available before going with RTE, TF or Adrenalin.