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    Price drop to $5500! 97 D1 SE7 with 4.6 and mods

    Put me next in line please
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    Defender mechanic in West Texas?

    My business partner just purchased a 1995 110 with the V8 and 5 speed trans, I think he sourced it from SA. Took it for its initial drive last weekend and it has developed an oil leak, he’s looking for a reliable rover mechanic in West Texas. Anyone know of anyone? Also, where are you guys...
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    2001 Discovery II Kent Green

    I’m interested, but definitely not for the asking price. For a DII that I would have to tow home, I’m at $500...
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    Power Probe 3 Master Combo Kit

    I?ll send you a message
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    Power Probe 3 Master Combo Kit

    Used a handful of times, great condition. $125 shipped conus
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    Shops near Dallas

    Is there a good shop in Dallas with Land Rover experience? I found a D1 that I'd like to pick up, but it needs an engine overhaul or swap. I've never done a full rebuild and don't have time to learn.
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    WTB: Disco 1

    I'd be interested in the price.
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    1999 Land Rover Discovery 1 with extras

    It looks like it's leaning to the right in the photos - what's the suspension like?
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    Rustless disco for sale

    Sent you a PM
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    2003 D2 130k. Green with Lightstone Interior

    Do you still have this?
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    gatlinburg/pigeon forge

    Hurricane Creek and Windrock are both viable options. Windrock has easy trails - tons of them, actually. My family lives on the backside of the mountain and we used to take the ATVs in all the time. I grew up going to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, being from Bristol. I don't know of any...
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    Income tax return

    Yeah, considered that. I've been given a few recommendations so I think that's the route we will be going once all the papers are in and ready.
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    Income tax return

    Hear ya. This will be my wife and I's first year filing jointly, so I have to figure that out as well as how to file differently due to living overseas. Taxes are for the birds.
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    DiscoWeb Announcement

    And in landscape, the button disappears behind the logo on all pages. iPhone 5, by the way.
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    DiscoWeb Announcement

    Being in Africa, my internet is obviously slower, but the fast scrolling of images doesn't give time for an image to load completely. So as it scrolls, I get a little more of each image in sequence. If that makes sense... All the photos are cool, but I would personally suggest picking the best...
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    The New Rig

    I like Toyotas, but that thing is ew.
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    iTunes Sucks

    Tell me that photo was taken sometime around '89. Get your damn self some new curtains! Those things are hideous :D
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    Noisy Neighbors

    I honestly hate getting involved and encouraging it. But when 100db of horrendous mix tapes and DJ sound effects from the 90s are pouring through my windows, I draw the line. The officer and I had a good talk and will meet again. Good education around here just seems to be getting more...