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    D2 Wheels on an LR3

    Will the D2 wheel clear the LR3 brake caliper?
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    How to identify if my '13 LR4 has heated front seats installed?

    The subject says it all. I'll looked under the seats of my base model 2013 LR4. There's lots of wiring and some seem to go up into the squab and back. For what it's worth the 25amp fuses for seat heaters are in the fuse box under the hood (positions 8 and 24). I've got the proper environment...
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    H11 to H9 in a LR4?

    I answered my own question. I purchased two H9 bulbs. Following a couple of videos I modified the bulb plastic plug body and die grinder the top center locking tab. This allows the 65w H9 to fit in the 55w H11 headlight mount. I turned on the lights expecting the ECU to sense the additional amp...
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    H11 to H9 in a LR4?

    Anyone consider this H11 to H9 bulb conversion? The actual mod is simple and quick. I saw a video where xenon headlights were swapped into a LR4 and the ecu cut power to the headlights because of higher current draw. A change to the ccf noting the xenon headlights install fixed that issue. The...
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    2013 LR4 warning lights suddenly

    It was low battery voltage. All but a passenger seat SRS code went away. After a bit the SRS code cleared too. All was good until this weekend when the 3 year old battery took a sudden dump. We jump started the truck and drove it all day on Hatteras Island without shutting it down. A new battery...
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    2013 LR4 warning lights suddenly

    My LR4 sat for 6 months getting started occasionally to keep the battery up. I just installed new LCA's and put it on the trailer to drop off for an alignment. Suddenly I got all kinds of failures in the dash. I read the codes using my nanocom evolution. The codes mentioned an intermittent...
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    1998 4.0 engine for sale

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    1998 4.0 engine for sale

    Pulled from my 1998 D1 with approx 150k on the odometer. Ran good. Has Volvo injectors. Some studs on exhaust manifolds will need replacing. Missing ancillaries and brackets. What you see is what you get. Sold as is. $450 picked up. Crating and Shipping will add additional costs to be determined.
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    2013 LR4 park neutral saftey switch replacement?

    Thanks for the reply. Can you point me to the part numbers?
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    2013 LR4 park neutral saftey switch replacement?

    My 13 LR4 has seen little use lately. The shifter was getting tighter beforehand. Now, it is even stiffer. I'm getting the PO for the switch failure. So,how hard is replacing this switch? Any other suggestions?
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    5.0 torque specifications?

    Thanks! I ended up calling the techs at AB to get the info. It went okay except getting the outlet tube behind the WP installed was a PITA. The cold temps had the O rings so stiff they fought me all the way. I did decide after the fact the installing it before the WO would have been the better...
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    5.0 torque specifications?

    Anyone have this info? I'm replacing the crossover tube and water pump. I need torque specs for the upper intake manifold and water pump.
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    2013 LR4 5.0 coolant low but no leaks

    Wife got the low coolant warning yesterday. The bottle is low. There is no sign of leakage anywhere including the crossover pipe under the intake manifold. Any suggestions?
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    New Inventory this Week

    Did the D2 with arb front bumper ever come in?
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    XYZ switch or Crank Position Sensor?

    a bad battery can cause these issues. Start with the simple. Check charging system and battery before chasing other potential problems.
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    Does an '02 have a locking T-case?

    Easy enough to swap in a locking front housing. I used an earlier unit without the forward facing switch to tell the slabs it is in difflock. I wired a switch at the dash for that purpose. Works fine. Just be sure to make enough clearance for the shifter throw if you use the early assembly. The...
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    New noise with new rear axle

    Without the spacer the pinion bearings aren't properly loaded. The pinion was likely walking away from the ring. The load would be concentrated on the tips of the ring gear. The excess load would cause this damage.
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    Hand brake disc conversion worth it?

    I get the idea of changing for the sake alone or to say looky what I've got. Short of the shoes getting contaminated the factory parking brake works fine. Unless you're setting that brake and driving off there is no wear. In 27 years I've never had an issue with the stock setup. In extreme cases...
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    Brakes locking up -98 Discovery 1 - Help!

    I don't discount that people have problems with Britparts. I'm simply stating that I haven't experienced these problems. That said, I do try to avoid the LR parts and their high prices. I try to find a good deal without buying junk. Compromise where I can and spendy where I have to.