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    Defender mechanic in West Texas?

    My business partner just purchased a 1995 110 with the V8 and 5 speed trans, I think he sourced it from SA. Took it for its initial drive last weekend and it has developed an oil leak, he’s looking for a reliable rover mechanic in West Texas. Anyone know of anyone? Also, where are you guys...
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    Power Probe 3 Master Combo Kit

    Used a handful of times, great condition. $125 shipped conus
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    Shops near Dallas

    Is there a good shop in Dallas with Land Rover experience? I found a D1 that I'd like to pick up, but it needs an engine overhaul or swap. I've never done a full rebuild and don't have time to learn.
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    Noisy Neighbors

    I live in Uganda, and the neighboring compound is an outdoor club-type gig that I've had it with. Need some direction. Every Saturday and Sunday, from 7AM to 7PM, the compound next to us fires up their sound system and blasts rap music all day. For weeks, we've simply walked over and asked them...
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    Congrats Brian Hoberg

    Congratulations to you and the wife. Her, more than you, since she did all the work. :cool: Here's to Cambree looking more like your wife than your ugly mug. :beer:
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    Starting a garage in Uganda - help

    Backstory (skip if you're not interested): After living in Uganda for 2 years, I've discovered that about 80% of the expats living in my particular city (Jinja) are extremely unhappy with their mechanics. Quality of parts and service is awful, and it's not uncommon for people to be charged...
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    Turbo for 200TDi

    Need to source a good condition turbo for a 200TDi. Incase it helps, the engine number is 16L04250A, chassis # SALLDVAF7MA944878 Will pick it up in March when I'm in the US.
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    Water pressure/pump help

    I can't deal with low to no water pressure anymore. My house in Uganda is gravity fed from an 850L tank, which is refilled by a low-pressure incoming "local" water line. Long story short, I average 20psi water pressure if that. Pressure isn't enough to push the hot water through the heater and...
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    need help on pulley replacement

    Shitty mechanic here in Uganda changed the timing belt on a friend's 96 4runner with the 3.4L motor. Broke the crankshaft pulley in the process so I went and towed it to my house. Couldn't find an original pulley here, so I ordered the lightweight one from URD. Toyota of Dallas couldn't get...
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    watch faces

    Anyone know where I can buy some nice, good-quality watch faces? Not really sure what style yet, all I can find is the cheap wholesale junk. I have a good friend that runs a leather business in Uganda. The tradesmen are extremely talented, and I'd like to go with a few nice faces and have...
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    Home Theater

    Because of the move, I have to sell all of my home audio/video equipment. It's a decent setup, not wanting to split up at the moment. 10% of final sale to Dweb, I can work with you on delivery within a reasonable distance. Also making a trip to Lynchburg next week and possibly Nashville the...
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    Learning to weld

    Decided it was time to learn to weld. Bought a cheap 90 amp flux wire welder this afternoon and picked up a few pieces of 3/16 steel. I'm leading myself to the slaughter here, but I have no shame. This was the first time I've ever touched a welder and want to learn. So those of you with...
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    200tdi owners

    To the likely small group of you on the east coast with 200tdi motors: I want to learn how to work with this engine as the 110 I put a deposit on in Uganda has it. I'd like to walk through a timing belt replacement and learn how to set the timing, replace the water pump, just be able to get my...
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    I happen to be quite fond of my HID Hellas and new Xmitter LEDs, and would prefer to use them on our 24V vehicles in Africa instead of buying all new, 24V lights. So, those of you who know your electrickery, school me on this. What's the best way to hook them up? If I was already there, I...
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    MBP with Retina

    If you're in the market for a new computer, the retina display on the new MacBooks is a worthy upgrade, IMO. I've been notebook-less for a little over a year, and the 27" certainly wasn't coming back to Africa with me. Between the 15" pro and the 15" pro with retina, the later was a great...
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    Decal printing

    Need some 4" or 4.5" circular, full color decals printed. PDF file is ready to send, need them in my hand by Saturday, August 18 (week from tomorrow). Had 100 printed elsewhere already, but I'd rather give the rest of our business to a member.
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    Buying in the UK

    Found a connection in Uganda who has imported multiple rovers from his stomping grounds in the Uk. He told me if I'll find a reliable vehicle and get it to his port of choice, his clearing agents will handle the rest for me. Right now our budget for a vehicle is about $14k. Without knowing...
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    DI vs Defender

    What are the biggest differences in the suspension setups between the two? I've narrowed my search down to a handful of DI's, Defenders, and Land Cruisers in Kampala, all diesel. The 75 series LC I drive now is teeth-shattering on village roads, it leafs front and rear. We're almost...
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    Cerwin Vega?

    Audiophiles, what's your take on Cerwin Vega? The TV is mounted and I've got my pioneer receiver hooked up to a set of Pioneer floor speakers. As I'm shopping for a center channel and active sub, I come across Cerwin Vega. Their stuff has good reviews so I'm considering not only their center...
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    Tool storage and care

    My tool collection has tripled since finishing college, and my dinky Craftsman chest from high school is overrun and is on it's last leg. I've found myself obsessed with keeping everything clean, well-maintained, and organized. Half the fun of a project is going out and buying a tool I don't...