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    I think Netjaws has returned....
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    RTE Lower shock mounts Need Advice and a second opinion

    My battle buddy ordered a set of DII lower front mounts from RTE. They arrived and he wasn't real impressed and wasn't sure if he should use them or not. So he called me and I had him send a few pictures over. I was not impressed at all, the pics show what look like to me really bad welding...
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    Tell me about Independence/Kansas City MO

    So the Army has decided that it is time for me to move again and in January I'll heading to my new duty station in Independence MO. So who knows about the area. Where to live and not to live, good school districts (elementary) any off roading, and if you know a good horse riding stable (for...
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    Anyone set up a paypal(or something like that)account for donations before?

    We had some bad flooding in areas on the northside of Chicago. One of my Soldier's house flooded about 3 ft up on the first floor filled the basement and submerged his cars. His insurance have already totaled all 3 cars, the navy post housing is covering some of the household goods that were...
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    Another one on LRO

    I'll just leave this here....
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    WTB RRC County center caps

    Looking for 4 of these in good shape Prefer in better shape than this one but will take what I can find.
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    Another good one on LRF

    I can't believe I forgot to post this one over here.... It's pretty derailed already.
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    RRC Tail lights and Guards

    Off of a 1991 RRC. The tail lights are in good shape and complete. $75.00 for the pair obo plus shipping The guards are in decent shape. The driver's side guard has a bend in the flat bracket that secures it next to the tailgate. It lost a minor battle with a tree. $50.00 obo plus shipping...
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    Distributor wiring

    I got the engine in my 110, it's out of a 91 RRC so I have some changes I need to make I went from a points set up to electronic ignition from a 91 RRC. 1. What needs to be hooked to the 3 connectors on the distributor and in what order? I'm assuming a positive and negative but which...
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    RRC Upper Tailgate

    It's in good shape don't have keys for the lock. I'll include the lift arms with it. As I recall the defroster works except for 1 line. $200.00 plus shipping. If paying by PAYPAL add 3% to cover the fees or gift it. Sorry for the crappy pics by my 65 year old Dad just learned that his...
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    Row 110 front seats

    1983 ROW 110 front seats they are useable asbis but I would recover them if I was using them. $200 for the passenger and driver seats plus shipping add 3%for paypal fees or gift it. Center seat make offer since I know almost no one wants these lol. I also have the middle and rear portions...
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    One of my Soldier's has gone viral

    For a good thing thank god. Welcome home CPT Lund:patriot...
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    A fun for sale thread on LandRoverForums.. Best modded land rover ever right here, even has man love offers, enjoy
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    Lucky8 Offroad and the Vermont Overland Trophy

    VERMONT OVERLAND TROPHY August 7-12, 2013 An overlanding odyssey challenging man and machine while showcasing the best the Green Mountain State has to offer. Every self-respecting overlander knows the holy grail of grueling overland expeditions, the Camel Trophy. Vermont Overland Trophy is...
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    Going from Chicago to ST. Louis on Wed and coming back to Chicago on Sunday. Taking the Saab wagon so if you need any parts taken that direction or back from there let me know.
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    RRC external front shock mounts

    Are the front external shock mounts on the EAS RRC able to be unbolted from the tower and axle or is it welded on? If it's welded on does anyone know of a external mount kit for the front shocks?
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    Fun fabrication brought to you by your friends on LRO

    Enjoy the amazing quality of the work.
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    RRC steel gas tank

    Looking for a a steel gas tank out of a fuel injected Range Rover Classic. Prefer nearby but if the price is right with shipping I'll go that route. Not interested in a plastic tank, won't work for my needs.:patriot:
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    04 G4 $4,000 not mine

    Just passing this along as it seems like a good deal for someone.
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    Headers for a 3.9

    Looking for a set of headers, cheaper the better :D