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  1. StangGT5

    2001 p38 4.6 Canada

    For what it is worth, I would be interested in the rear Arnott Gen 3s (fronts too if you won't sell them separately) if you do end up sending her to the great beyond. I have had a set of rear Gen 3s on backorder from Arnott since January.
  2. StangGT5

    Best P38 EAS air line-valve block fix

    I wish the air spring lines had a better method of attaching to the spring. Trying to release the rear lines on a P38 with some age and dirt on it is not fun.
  3. StangGT5

    2013 LR4 Rear Diff Options?

    By "newer", are you referring to the V6 LR4s, or just the 10-11 LR4s? Have you seen this issue affect the 11-12 L322 SCs? I'm looking at those too, and many have the locking diff.
  4. StangGT5

    2013 LR4 Rear Diff Options?

    Honestly, no. I have plenty of 4x4s for trails and the LR4 will be more for long distance trips with light off roading. The LR3/4 traction control is quite good, but I have had a LR3 with and without the ediff. The one with it seemed to climb sandy hills easier.
  5. StangGT5

    2013 LR4 Rear Diff Options?

    I have a Tactical Rovers front bumper and rear bumper w/ swingout, Front Runner ladder, and five Compomotive 18's with like new 285 General Grabbers taking up space in my garage. Accordingly, I am considering buying another LR4 (a tree ended my 2010's life before it could die of natural timing...
  6. StangGT5

    87K Range Rover - Headgaskets, ARP bolts, Ported Heads, Arnott Gen IIs, etc.

    I am as well. I am also curious to see how many creampuff cars are really in the described condition. I sold my Bronco EB with a clean frame last year, and was happy with the price. A few months later, a XLT with a frame that looked like someone took a spray can to a sunken ship went for double...
  7. StangGT5

    87K Range Rover - Headgaskets, ARP bolts, Ported Heads, Arnott Gen IIs, etc.

    I bought a P38 last year that used it, but honestly I had never of it. The previous owner said it was recommended to him by a Rover shop for the BW boxes. It works fine in that truck, so when I was base lining this one I went with it. Castrol DexMerc ATF would likely be fine, but the 424 is...
  8. StangGT5

    87K Range Rover - Headgaskets, ARP bolts, Ported Heads, Arnott Gen IIs, etc.

    Long time no see boys. I am clearing out some garage space with the help of a no reserve listing on Bring a Trailer. I think I gave a ton of detail in the videos and listing, but feel free to ask questions on BaT. I know P38s aren't for everyone, but figured I'd share for those few fans among...
  9. StangGT5

    Power Steering Box Adjustment Screw Seal

    I noticed power steering fluid leaking up and around the threads of the adjustment screw on my 04 DII, so I ordered a reseal kit from LK8. Once I took the box lid off, I found the seal inside the lid to be very hard and soaked in fluid ;). Good for it, bad for me. Instead of checking to make...
  10. StangGT5

    Help I Am Stuck In the Parking lot

    Have you checked under the LR3 for transmission fluid leaks? Sounds like you lost fluid pressure.
  11. StangGT5

    P38 and Rust

    The P38 is much better at resisting rust than most other Rovers. I've seen LR3s and L322 rust worse. I have three that have seen snow country, and found the following: 00 California for most of its life, New Jersey for a couple years: Spotless underneath 01 Bounced between New Jersey and Florida...
  12. StangGT5

    WTB Rear Arnott Gen III Airspring - P38

    I had a custom mount on the axle dislodge while offroading, which caused the passenger airbag to spectacularly yeet itself in half. Arnott is on backorder and no one seems to have one. Props to the Jeep bumpstops for making three water crossings and a 2hr road trip at access height though.
  13. StangGT5

    Strange Misfire - 4.6 Bosch

    I started down the HG path, fought a losing battle with the passenger side EGR tube and ended up completely rebuilding the engine. I went with a new coil and rebuilt injectors for good measure. I found the rod and cam bearings weren't in great shape, so it was time anyway.
  14. StangGT5

    Strange Misfire - 4.6 Bosch

    Unfortunately, you are probably right that the coil is the next stop. While watching the live data, I noticed that when sitting at idle in drive the computer starts counting misfires on CYL 2. Given that cylinder had the highest compression on the bank, I'm thinking ignition. I guess it could be...
  15. StangGT5

    Strange Misfire - 4.6 Bosch

    I bought this 2000 4.6 HSE about a year ago. It already had green coolant and ran great. It wouldn't overheat if you wanted it to. 130K or so and I am pretty sure it has the original headgaskets. I did some brake and steering work to get it on the road, but life went by and it sat for about 6...
  16. StangGT5

    4.0 Pistons on 4.6 Rotating Assembly - Rebalance?

    When researching RV8 head work, I came across information from the swapped MG crowd. According to them, oversize valves don't help the RV8 much unless you have a heck of cylinder head. The exhaust port design on these heads is laughable, so they're probably right.
  17. StangGT5

    4.0 Pistons on 4.6 Rotating Assembly - Rebalance?

    Thanks guys, I figured it wasn't necessary. Just wanted to make sure. Terry, from what I've seen 91/93 should be fine for it.
  18. StangGT5

    4.0 Pistons on 4.6 Rotating Assembly - Rebalance?

    For those of you who have swapped 4.0 pistons onto a 4.6 crank and rod set, do you suggest having the assembly re-balanced? I know it's probably unnecessary since there's only a small dish difference and 4500rpm is high RPM for these engines. Still figured I would ask. I've always rebuilt to...
  19. StangGT5

    2001 Disco oil leak, drivers side front bumper....?

    If it is on the bumper, it is likely the cooler. I only say that because I've had transmission coolers (4.6s dont have the oil cooler) leak in the same spot. Pulling the grill is very easy and should help you locate the source of the leak
  20. StangGT5

    P38 Upgraded Adjustable Panhard Bar

    I recently upgraded a set of a adjustable panhard bars for one of my P38s and figured I would share for the handful of people that want to modify their RR. I started with a worn out set of Toddco adjustable panhard bars, which are just stock bars that have a 3/4 in.-16 RH Male Thread bung welded...