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    Orlando Fl Mechanic

    So it’s almost June 2019. Anyone have a good mechanic recommendation for a 2001 Disco. Used to go to C&H but Paul sold it and retired. Now I’m looking again.
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    D2 rear bumber bracket free

    If anybody needs or wants the rear bumper bracket for a D2 i will gladly ship it to you provided you send me a prepaid shipping label. Free. I just replaced my bumper with a steel one and it doesnt need this bracket. This is the bracket (beef of the bumper). The inside not the shell. The...
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    Coolant leak mystery

    Yup that's where I found it. Turns out there is a small crack in the plastic on the side of the radiator. Freaking plastic, really? I can't believe they make crap like that. You can't even see the leak until the coolant heats up. Then it comes weeping out if a slit about 1cm long. Must not...
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    Coolant leak mystery

    Ok, here is the story. About 3 years ago my 2001 D2 overheated. Turns out the coolant must have been really low, since the resevior was empty. Wound up replacing head gasket, all new hoses, and then the water pump. About 2 weeks after this was done it was at the shop again for something else...
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    Funny noise when turning right - 2002 DII

    Did you bend your exhaust pipe a little? Mine has been doing this for 2 years. It happens only after running for awhile when the pipe heats up and expands. Turning right swings the pipe a little and it makes contact with the frame and rumbles. Check it out. For me if its somthing else I am...
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    D2 Front Driveshaft

    M drive shaft went on my D2 at 33K and was replaced under warranty. Now its got 47K on it and I am sure it is the unservicable style. What is the fix, is it OEM backed, this is the first I have heard of making it servicable.