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  1. MM3846

    Thule cross bars and super high feet

    Two bars, four feet. In good shape, no locks or keys. All knobs work. Make an offer, will ship.
  2. MM3846

    rusty but trusty, 96 SD 5 speed

    Selling my buddy's 96 SD 5 speed for him, he has a weird work schedule so I'm listing it. Picked it up front some guy's mom's driveway in brooklyn 2 years ago, was sitting for a while. didn't start. brought it home, changed the fuel pump and fired it right up, then did brakes, bearings, and...
  3. MM3846

    Swivel ball seals and one shot, one side

    Full kit from rovah farm to do one swivel ball. $20 shipped CONUS
  4. MM3846

    4.2 flywheel tick?

    I'm back. The bug never goes away I guess. Looking at a RRC LWB, original owner and great service history. Truck has what seems like a flywheel tick, but it only shows up when the truck is warm. Been ticking like that for a few years. Anything common I should be looking out for? Thanks gents.
  5. MM3846

    95 D1, head gasket leak

    Throwing this up here before it goes to a part out thread. Verified exhaust gas getting into the coolant today. Motor still runs, just be prepared to fill it with coolant every hour or so. minimal rust for a northeast truck. door sills have rust but are NOT soft or rusted through. some bubbling...
  6. MM3846

    head gasket, right?

    I'm almost certain it's the issue I have. Want to make sure I'm not missing something stupid. - oil and coolant are NOT mixing (yet) - coolant expansion tank is pressurizing and purging. it's a OEM "clear" tank. slowly turning black on the inside (carbon from the exhaust, I'm assuming) - truck...
  7. MM3846

    Rear bilstein yellow shocks

    Looking to see if anyone has a set used in good shape before I buy a new pair, stock height. Thanks.
  8. MM3846

    D90 front brake noise, hardware question

    Been chasing a squeak for what seems like forever now. Upgraded to the 90 setup w/vented discs. Issue is the brake are chirping like they are are making a tiny bit of contact with the rotor, noise goes away immediately when pressing the brakes. Wheel bearings are fine. I have the correct length...
  9. MM3846

    WTB hella rallye 1000/3000/4000 fog lamps

    Looking for a pair of the larger hellas in fog beam. 1000, 3000, 4000 doesn't matter as long as it's a fog lens. Figured I'd post up here before going to eBay or something. Can throw my 7" (9.25" overall) LED single flood bar in as partial trade.
  10. MM3846

    rear quarter and door glass seals

    All 3 (rear quarter glass and rear cargo door glass) seals. Mine are starting to leak... figured I'd see if anyone had some good ones before ordering new.
  11. MM3846

    Intermittent alternator issue

    Riddle me this batman. I installed a voltmeter in my cab so I could monitor that like any other gauge. Last week while driving I noticed it was at 12V, shrugged it off and hoped it would fix itself. It did... for a little while. Over the past week every now and then after a bit of driving it...
  12. MM3846

    Exhaust resting on front swaybar... Motor mounts?

    Searched but couldn't find a anything on this one... Was changing my oil and found this. Pardon the oil... it sprays all over the place when pulling the drain plug. Anyway, its stuck on there pretty good. Hangars all looks good, I'm running a magnaflow cat-back and theres nothing back...
  13. MM3846

    Slip and slide brakes

    Upgraded to D90 fronts, and I disabled ABS since it tried to kill me twice last week... Probably messed up the sensors putting in new swivel pins. Anyway, it rained today and my brakes are locking up insanely quickly on the road. Tires are year old Cooper AT3s, 245/75 in size. No problems on dry...
  14. MM3846

    D90 calipers

    Looking for some D90 calipers so I can upgrade my brakes to vented discs.
  15. MM3846

    steering box sector shaft adjustment

    Tracked the play in my steering to the box, I can see the sector shaft wiggle slightly while the wheel is moved back and forth. No leaks at the moment... I have the how-to from the RAVE, anyone done this and it mess the box up? I'd rather live with the bumpsteer than have to get a new box right now.
  16. MM3846

    D1 exhaust hangar

    The one before the muffler, the metal part of mine corroded and broke off. Looking to see if anyone has one laying around before making or buying a new one. thanks.
  17. MM3846

    Oil line leak at radiator fitting

    Posting up to see if anyone else has run into this issue. Changed the radiator and oil cooler lines a couple weeks ago, noticed this fitting was leaking. Took it apart yesterday, found a fucked up o-ring (my error, as I assumed when I saw the leak). Cleaned it all up, removed the brass radiator...
  18. MM3846

    Radiator oil/trans cooler line adapters

    Need them yesterday, four of em. AB shows they have them, but trying to get them on the phone is an unbelievable pain in the ass and if I can give me business elsewhere I'd prefer it. Looking for someone close enough to NY to have them in my hands by tomorrow. ESR 1262 or NTC 3858.
  19. MM3846

    Diff Guards

    Anyone have a good bolt on or weld-on laying around before I throw some money at Rockware?
  20. MM3846

    WTB Thule 953 feet

    Looking to see if anybody has a set of these they wanted to part with before I pony up and buy a set new.