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  1. salvvia

    Spotify or Pandora

    It all sucks long live pirate radio
  2. salvvia

    B.M.F. This is the new Disco 7 being developed in Austria in 2023 i have one on order in avalon blue (throw back color) i cant wait. Its called goliath 600 RVXS TYPE R TURBO GRAN SPORT LIMITED UNLIMITED S.V.G
  3. salvvia

    Spotify or Pandora

    Im with it brother, even though fm cant play more than 8 different songs.. Ef butface in the face , pintagram can go to hell , tweeter and crapchat is cancer for kids brains responsibilty section, and tic cock has got to be the new porn hub holy crap even sesame street has gone to hell..........
  4. salvvia

    Fourby USB Clock

    Never seen those, what else do you have
  5. salvvia


    What is your locale
  6. salvvia

    Parting out a 96 D1

    Pm sent for ac stuff
  7. salvvia

    I am needing the ac snowflake witch , rear air switch if it has it the. light panel for ac...

    I am needing the ac snowflake witch , rear air switch if it has it the. light panel for ac controls if it is not broken
  8. salvvia

    Spotify or Pandora

    Spondora they both have there pros and cons
  9. salvvia

    Opinion Needed 95 vs 96 D1

    96 for sure especially if it happens to be a 5spd i have run one for years only issue i have had is an idle issue but reaolved easily My vote is 96 all the way
  10. salvvia

    SOLD: 2003 D2 For sale as a donor vehicle or to scrap yard

    Cheers and come back soon. At least a piece of it will live to die another day
  11. salvvia

    Merry Christmas y'all!

    Merry Christmas from the kohler throne room
  12. salvvia

    >>SOLD<<Parting out D2 2004 SE7 SILVER / TAN

    Of diff gaurd
  13. salvvia

    New Stockober

    How about unripped Front floor mat set And price on premium rear pads All for D1
  14. salvvia

    MAR Preorder

    Somebody speak on MAR details