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  1. pinkytoe69

    $20k LR3
  2. pinkytoe69

    SIIa 88
  3. pinkytoe69

    High Mileage 4.2/4.4/5.0

    I was checking out an LR4 with 150k miles on it and it got me thinking about the "Peace of mind" zone on a potential high mileage purchase. You see these threads in pretty much every other vehicle enthusiast forum so why not start one here? 😄 What's the highest mileage on one of these...
  4. pinkytoe69

    Minnesota Classic Fan

    I've driven by a house in Mendota Heights who has had Classics in their driveway for at least the last 10 years. Currently has 4 RRCs in various states of repair. Just wondering if this dude (or dudette) is on this board?
  5. pinkytoe69

    LR4 pickup Pretty slick
  6. pinkytoe69

    P38 and Rust

    For those in salt country, how do P38's compare to the RRC, D1 & D2? Body dies, frame ok like D1? Body ok, frame dies like D2? Something else entirely?
  7. pinkytoe69

    Leopard print headliner Kinky 😄
  8. pinkytoe69

    What's wrong with it?

    @discostew @jymmiejamz or any other SME wanna take a stab at what you think the issue is? 😄
  9. pinkytoe69

    Last Dance

    Anyone noticed MJ was(is?) apparently a bit of a Rover fan? He was driving a RRC during a segment on the baseball sabbatical. In the 97-98 footage, he's driving a decked-out red P38. You forget these farm trucks were creme-de-la-creme at one point in time 😄
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    Defender Safari Rack

    Not mine
  11. pinkytoe69

    Icon tools

    Has anyone tried or checked out this "Tool Truck Quality" line from Harbor Freight?
  12. pinkytoe69

    AEL-era D1, 4" Lift, no title

    This guy has been trying to sell this for months. Started at $2000, now hes down to $800.
  13. pinkytoe69

    Pugeot Rover
  14. pinkytoe69

    RRS issues after reassembly

    To recap: bought an L320 with non-airbag front end collision damage. No codes prior to disassembly. I got the front end back on and the radiator filled & bled. Everything starts out ok, but the ride height then gives a failure along with stability control, HDC and special functions.. Pops...
  15. pinkytoe69

    Rang Rover on 28s
  16. pinkytoe69

    Power Steering Cooler Dent

    Should I replace this or is it not a biggie since it's on the low pressure return side?
  17. pinkytoe69

    Front Engine Maintenance

    Anything I should take care of while I have all this access before I put the core support back on? I think I should definitely do the rear accessory belt. It's all that oil on the drivers side a concern?
  18. pinkytoe69

    Truck Night in America

    Anyone watching this show on the History channel? It's like an NFL combine competition for modified trucks of all eras. We binge watched the first season and a half in a week. It's a fun little distraction :)
  19. pinkytoe69

    Advice on bending this?

    This is the mount area for the radiator support. The metal tab for the bracket bolt "nut" is pretty thick and didnt seem to do much when pounding it with a bug punch and drill hammer. Do I just keep hitting it or is there a better way?
  20. pinkytoe69

    Lower Radiator Support removal

    Do I need to drill out all the spot welds to get this thing off?