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  1. boxster


    Anyone have this diagnostic tool for sale 1997 D1?
  2. boxster

    Rocker shaft assembly

    Anyone purchased a 611660 assembly from AB? Pricing for this assembly is all over the place. Cheap used, to pricey. Found 1 nos OEM $750. It still runs.
  3. boxster

    Wanted: 97 D1 rocker arm assemblies

    Any USA sources for new parts. Hearing that BritPart is junk. Thanks
  4. boxster

    97 D1 rocker arms

    Anyone had any dealings with Lucky 8 Off Road parts? Seem to be reasonable. Trying a rocker arm assembly from them to repair a tapping #2 cylinder rockers. thanks
  5. boxster

    97 D1 hot idle problem

    Need to increase the idle after warm up, do I need a T4 to adjust or is there other ways?
  6. boxster

    Wanted: 97 D1 4.0 engine

    Anyone know of a specific Rover engine rebuilder or reman shop out in Southern California?
  7. boxster

    D1 damper or balancer rebuilder

    FYI, found a shop in Northern California goes by Damper Dude. $169 plus shipping.
  8. boxster

    1997 D1 key fob program

    Replaced ECU and alarm matched pair, now the key fob not working to lock and unlock doors. Is there a specific reset procedure?
  9. boxster

    97 D1 speedometer problem

    Speedometer won’t register past 60mph at speed. Then when at stop it’s at 10mph. What’s could be the problem? Any thoughts appreciated.
  10. boxster

    4.0 Engine tapping noise

    97 D1 4.0 engine tapping noise when warm? Suspect rocker arms wear. However I engaged the A/C Compressor and tapping sound became louder. Disengage sound is less noisy. Any ideas appreciated.
  11. boxster

    4.0 engine noise?

    Hearing a tapping noise when idling and warm engine appears it’s on drivers side. Could it be lifter or rocker arm? Any ideas appreciated.
  12. boxster

    97 D1 key fob program

    Anyone know of programming sequence for D1. Replaced original ECU with used ECU with matching alarm due to acceleration/power problem. However the handset or remote not working to lock/unlock vehicle. Any ideas appreciated.
  13. boxster

    97 D1 key fob stopped working

    Changed ECU wIth matching alarm. Now key fob not working? Is there a reset sequence?
  14. boxster

    97 D1 no acceleration with maf connected.

    D1’s been down for 2 weeks, between myself and the mechanic shop no resolve. Tried 3 different mafs 1 new and 2 known good mafs from running D1’s. The codes point to the maf but obviously not it. New fuel pump, pressure correct, etc. Unplugged maf goes to pre set values and runs right. From...
  15. boxster

    97 D1 alternator output

    Can a faulty alternator output current interfere with signal to ECM trying to communicate with MAF? My tech says Maf is not problem. Any ideas?
  16. boxster

    97 D1 runs great with MAF unplugged?

    First wouldn’t run or idle or accelerate. Now it idles correctly and has great acceleration! I know it can’t run this way. Going to find another MAF that works. Anyone with other ideas?
  17. boxster

    97 D1 won’t accelerate

    D1 starts but won’t gain speed, had this happen 4 years ago was failed fuel pump. Recently replaced fuel filter and fuel pump, changed spark plugs, replaced damaged CKPS connector all with no resolve and no CEL. MAF sensor replaced 4 years ago so next I replaced MAF with known working MAF no...
  18. boxster

    D1 won’t accelerate

    By the way I’m going to get the fuel pressure tested. I believe it’s 36 psi at run and holds for ten minutes after shut down. Again the pump is new. Just thinking that fuel regulator has failed? Any thoughts appreciated.
  19. boxster

    97 D1 rough idle

    Ok repaired crank sensor wiring still rough idle, no acceleration? In the beginning ran but no acceleration, suspected fuel delivery problem so went with fuel filter and fuel pump no change. Next suspect MAF cleaned it installed no change, replaced spark plugs no change, last repair is crank...
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    Anyone know where to buy new connector?