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  1. Civick_Spyder

    D1 Safari Guard Rock Sliders

    Yes that’s true, I guess I got carried away with my initialisms. ARB is not supposed to be in that description or even on my list. It’s a RRC GDE all aluminum beauty that I want. Ive actually never seen a winch version in the wild only the non winch bumpers. Is it difficult to fab one in there?
  2. Civick_Spyder

    D1 Safari Guard Rock Sliders

    There are only 3 bumpers I am considering for my D1: A slimline Rovertym with old school brushbar (What I had on my old D1 that I loved - it's the same one on the red truck in Peter's pic above - it just classic DWeb nostalgia to me) A RRC GDE ARB bumper - Agree with Peter it just works so...
  3. Civick_Spyder

    Mantec raised air intake D1

    Still scouring the internets looking for a D1 Mantec.......still can’t believe I can buy a knock off Chinese blow molded whatever but there isn’t one repro version of a Camel Trophy RAI. If I could find one for my truck I’d look into reproducing another....cant complain about it if I’m not...
  4. Civick_Spyder

    Braided wrap for wiring

    The size you need depends on the size of the wire you are covering. I used 1/2 inch Flexo PET Expandable Braided Sleeving from Alex Tech on Amazon it worked out just fine. I essentially made some jumper cables with quick disconnects to power an air compressor etc so it was a fairly basic...
  5. Civick_Spyder

    Braided wrap for wiring

    I have also used some from an Amazon vendor called Alex Tech that was really good and wasn’t expensive. I’m actually gonna order some from them again for some projects coming up
  6. Civick_Spyder

    Braided wrap for wiring

    I use Techflex wrap it’s always held up great. They sell their stuff on Amazon too though.....
  7. Civick_Spyder

    CT brush guard and winch mount

    I’ve decided that I must have this Camel Trophy brush guard for my D1. I’ve tried ARB and Rovertym and this style just gets me in the feels. I look forward to more progress looks like I’m gonna need to dust off my old fabricating skills......and find a Husky 10
  8. Civick_Spyder

    Free, You Pay Shipping Thread

    I have one on my parts truck I can grab but I will be at a Rover event all weekend so it wouldn’t be sent out till next week
  9. Civick_Spyder

    Hella Rallye 4000 Pigtails

    Here’s what I found. Looks like I have 3 female harnesses and 2 male harnesses to wire the inside. Is this what you were looking for? @Chuckwagon976
  10. Civick_Spyder

    Hella Rallye 4000 Pigtails

    I think I may have some let me check in my garage tonight....
  11. Civick_Spyder

    1995 D1 for parts or could be fix

    Genuine waterproof seat covers?
  12. Civick_Spyder

    High pitched squeal coming from rear engine area

    Based on just the title I was expecting/hoping for a "it's your wife" or "it's your girlfriend" response from someone. I don't know if I'm disappointed in DWeb for missing the opportunity or proud that everyone is just trying to help.......
  13. Civick_Spyder

    Mantec raised air intake D1

    Making one would be a challenge in itself. But maybe I’ll have to look into it..... I had a Mantec on my old D1 that I sold to a buddy maybe I can take a look at his. Thanks.
  14. Civick_Spyder

    Mantec raised air intake D1

    I’ve seen the Southdown ones. I want to like them but I just can’t. I like that they are stainless but I can’t get on board with the look.
  15. Civick_Spyder

    Mantec raised air intake D1

    Why is there 100s of Chinese knockoff plastic snorkels on eBay but never anything reproduced like mantec made. For anything. Seems like a lost opportunity. Anyway. Looking for some unobtainium hoping there’s a lead out there.
  16. Civick_Spyder

    Stuck Headbolt

    I bought a bolt extractor set for mine came out no issues.
  17. Civick_Spyder

    2013 DWeb Utah Trip

    Me too....
  18. Civick_Spyder

    2008 Land Rover LR3 SE

    2008 Land Rover LR3 SE (2015-12-28 21:50:39)