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  1. mgreenspan

    1980 2 Dr RRC for sale

    Looks like a really nice vehicle. Good luck with the auction.
  2. mgreenspan

    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    No chrome? Why not? Then it can wear off unevenly so that the used ones look like trash and people only ever buy new and get rid of them after 5 years… or sooner.
  3. mgreenspan

    Land Rover Facebook groups.

    I hear the Toyota Landrover is pretty reliable. Especially the 1990s ones.
  4. mgreenspan

    Best Wheel and Tire Combination for Snow/Ice

    Once you’re past Colfax on 80 there will be chain requirements if it is snowing or the road will be closed completely until they clear it. So honestly it doesn’t matter as much what tires you have because you’re either going to need the chains or anything with mountain snowflake symbol and...
  5. mgreenspan

    New Bronco

    I don’t understand the use of the word small for describing this thing aside from interior space. It’s on par with a D2 externally.
  6. mgreenspan

    ‘94 RRC LWB battery light

    Could it just be a bum wire somewhere in your elec system? Like a battery grounding cable or an alternator cable to the battery that is loose or corroded a bit?
  7. mgreenspan


    Netjaws was ahead of his time. Every new dashboard looks like his Disco from back in the day. I don’t remember him being hostile as much as just crazy. And while his modifications were stupid, he wasn’t out there giving flat out wrong advice and begging companies to finance his “SEMA rig”...
  8. mgreenspan

    Series 2a wheel for sale.

    Is it 15” or 16”?
  9. mgreenspan

    SOLD! Bump! 1995 white Disco, $8100

    I’d wait a few months and resubmit. No way you can’t get more on there with the price of the last auction. 👀
  10. mgreenspan

    1994 Disco on Bat with manual transmission

    Achievement unlocked.
  11. mgreenspan

    SOLD! Bump! 1995 white Disco, $8100

    Sell it on BaT in a few months. 👀
  12. mgreenspan

    1994 Disco on Bat with manual transmission

    Whoever sold the last one on BaT was doing a total flip job. Selling it as a JX, but it was base. It had been used as a RV/Camper flat tow vehicle. Relatively decent shape; however, soft top with removable hard top which don’t usually go for that high of a price compared to the tin top ones...
  13. mgreenspan

    1994 Disco on Bat with manual transmission

    GLWS. I’m going to message you after the auction is over for your number to ask you about the BaT process and your thoughts/opinions if that’s alright. I have a Samurai I am going to sell and am thinking about doing it on there as the last one just sold for $12,750 on BaT which was well above...
  14. mgreenspan

    SIIa 88

    Honestly that would be a good project for $1500-$2000. The rust was not as bad as I was expecting. I’d recommend an actual in person inspection. That frame might not actually need much work and this could be an easy engine replacement and a rear cross member replacement. You might even find...
  15. mgreenspan

    New Bronco

    Completely agree with everything you said. The Cherokee still blows my mind. It benefited from the used Wrangler price/value as a cheap alternative for an off-roader. Now they’re priced as such for the exact reason you described, everyone is on board with getting them due to this perceived...
  16. mgreenspan

    14CUX running rich

    Have you swapped ECUs to see if it runs correctly with one from another truck or vice versa?
  17. mgreenspan

    14CUX running rich

    Does the hunting idle seem to be completely random? I had a cracked intake plenum that caused the idle to go all over the place sometimes. As far as it running rich, tell it to check it’s privilege. You could also have two separate issues. One with your O2 sensors and one with a vacuum...
  18. mgreenspan

    INEOS Grenadier

    If £50000 includes VAT then it’s not priced too badly in my opinion seeing what all it’s got going on with the interior now.
  19. mgreenspan

    D1 Sliders

    I recommend the Rockware sliders. They are frame mounted rather than sill mounted like every other slider out there. In my opinion the design is superior if you think you might have any amount of the vehicles weight on them at any point. The sill mounted type will bend the sill and the...
  20. mgreenspan

    High Mileage 4.2/4.4/5.0

    That’s too bad. They are built very well indeed.