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  1. ukoffroad

    Safarigard engine mounts.

    I decided to give these a try. Hope to get to it this week. Not sure how impressed I am so far, it looks like they were assembled backwards. Easy enough to remove the bolt and flip the mount, but seems like a sloppy move.
  2. ukoffroad

    Windshield cowl anywhere?

    Need one that is not cracked all to hell, not having any luck with the Googling. Anyone found a source?
  3. ukoffroad

    Anyone replace the sliding sunroof with a simple pop up?

    Looks like it would not be that hard, just simple open or closed. After a very brief search, found these folks
  4. ukoffroad

    Uwharrie this weekend?

    Anyone else headed down? I will be there Thursday. Looks like it will be pretty dry.
  5. ukoffroad

    Free LR shirt

    Won a 2XL shirt from Atlantic British, not my size so want to pass it to someone else. Send me an address, shipping on me.
  6. ukoffroad

    Garvin Roof rack, Discovery 1/2

    Very clean, half rack with feet, I will include a ladder. New these are $700, asking $400. Headed to MAR and URE this year, can deliver to either.
  7. ukoffroad

    Anyone turn a D2 into a trayback?

    Not really shopping, but found another D2 local to me that was damaged in the back, and wondering if anyone stateside had done this. I know Drew from LLR had a crude one years ago, thinking more truck back. Long Ranger in the UK has a kit, but getting one here might be a challenge.
  8. ukoffroad

    Any motorcycle fans here?

    Bought a Suzuki 650 VStrom not too long ago, anyone else here riding?
  9. ukoffroad

    In vehicle radios.

    Seems few folks have CBs anymore, and most folks do not use HAM. Everyone has hand held FRS GMRS etc, but I want something a little better. Who has installed something like this, thoughts, was it worth the trouble...
  10. ukoffroad

    If you were to add another LR to what you have...

    What would your next one be? Not shopping myself, but folks who hear you have more than one always seem to ask. I would love another Classic but the prices on those just do not make sense to me anymore.
  11. ukoffroad

    P0327- it was Code free for a while. sigh.

    Diagnostic trouble code (DTC) P0327 knock sensor, any suggestions before I just buy one and swap it?
  12. ukoffroad

    Sprayer tank relocation.

    I have been putting this off but the looks annoy me, and I have tire rub. Who has found an option they like for the DII
  13. ukoffroad

    Is it ever done?

    Spent some time getting the sliders on this weekend, and the more I look at the truck the more I seem to find to change. I think I am close to what I want, but anyone else ever feel like they cannot leave well enough alone?
  14. ukoffroad

    Flex flares on a D2

    Bought something a year ago and was prepping to install and now I am not so sure. Running 315s with spacers so they are needed I guess. Who has installed them and how do you feel about them now?
  15. ukoffroad

    Osprey Custom Cars in Car and Driver

    Was it Dr Aaron that was involved in some import scandal years ago? Maybe I am thinking of someone else.
  16. ukoffroad

    What is this connector

    Still chasing a no start issue, just a click. New alt and thought it might be the neutrals afety switch, was digging around in the console and found this. It has been a while since I was in there, anyone recognize it?
  17. ukoffroad

    Defender on the banner for Treadwright.

    I thought it was ironic, given the CEO has a letter on the main page about buying American.
  18. ukoffroad

    What are you bingeing?

    Since we are home more at night, we have run through a few things like Breaking Bad that I had never seen. Killing Eve is the current one, but what is everyone else watching? Yes, I saw Tiger King and that was bizarre and awesome at the same time.
  19. ukoffroad

    Another Tesla thread.

    I have a friend with an S, but had not been in the other models before. A colleague just picked up a Model X, much more interesting in person.
  20. ukoffroad

    Oxford to America

    this truck was at the ROAV event this weekend, cool history. I met the guy who owns it, he is taking it to all 7 continents at some point. Mostly original, other than a frame swap, and the bulkhead and some small repairs. It will be at the Winter Romp, Spring event at Uwarrie, the National...