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    D1 Transmission and Transfer Case in Lexington KY $400

    Disco lovers. i have a spare transmission and transfer case for sale (see pics). I was given the Trans, and the T-case when i bought my truck, as the guy selling was purging himself of all his rover stuff (it sounded wife driven...he had 5 rovers lol) He was formerly a Landrover mechanic and...
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    Seat parts needed

    I need a D2 passenger side, fwd & aft seat motor and worm gear assembly
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    2001 D2 in Lexington ky $400

    Good to know for the future. I sold it today but will still be in the market for another.
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    2001 D2 in Lexington ky $400

    Have a D2 SE7 in Lexington with heads removed(still have them and other engine bits). Block is bad. $400 Headliner is removed but in decent condition. Also have some spare brake pads and metal type valley pan gasket that would go with it. You tow it
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    What say all?

    Good to know! Anyone know Nick’s website or contact info by chance?
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    What say all?
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    Oil pan removal

    I remove the steering (I think it’s called drag line) to drop it down. I tried once without removing and didn’t seem like you could get it out without doing this....might be some British aluminum origami I don’t know about though.
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    Getting in Neutral

    good point! I suppose I use the term slipped sleeve synonymous with with the leaking/cracked block sleeve situation. In my case I only had to pressurize to 20-ish PSI before i got coolant coming out from behind #3 :-( .
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    Getting in Neutral

    Probably Super dumb question. I pulled heads and pressure tested for slipped sleeve, and yes sleeve is slipped :mad: In my haste, as well as trying to be safe around the kids, i didn't put the vehicle in neutral. Now with all things disconnected, what is a good way to get the vehicle in...
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    curious how the LS conversion has held up? In the market for a new engine and thinking this...

    curious how the LS conversion has held up? In the market for a new engine and thinking this would be a advantageous way forward.
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    2001 D2 Lexington KY

    I have a 2001 D2 with what I assume is a slipped sleeve (Exhaust in cooling system, and misfire in cylinder 3). asking 1200 if you want a parts truck. My Craig's list post says bad heads, however per further investigation ie cylinder 3 misfire I am now thinking the aforementioned slipped...
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    WANTED Discovery 1 in KY

    I have a 01 D2 if you are interested in that direction. Has blown heads and needs rear sun roof drivers side door has dent bumper is cracked. I am in Lexington
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    Coolant pressure test

    Definitely exhaust in the coolant. Still baffled that it held pressure.
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    Coolant pressure test

    Thanks guys I’ll let y’all know what I find out. I did also notice an unusual amount of oil in the throttle body via the crank pressure breather tube.....
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    Coolant pressure test

    01 D2 boiling coolant after 10ish miles and coming out of overflow tube. Temp Guage goes up when this happens. Did a pressure test with auozone rent a tool and held steady at 15psi for 20 min. Curious if anyone has seen a cracked block, heads, sleeves etc and still had the truck show good on a...
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    FWD LHS brakes wearing out fast

    both great suggestions, thanks for the input guys.
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    FWD LHS brakes wearing out fast

    My front drivers side brake pads wear down extremely fast. curious what folks on here think it might be due to. The rotors looks OK and were changed not that long ago. My guess is a bad passenger side caliper causing the drivers side to do double time, but wanted to get the discoweb opinion.
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    Trans and oil cooler lines

    So in the process of removing my radiator (on a 2001 disco II) I for the life of me couldn’t get the transmission cooler and oil cooler lines off of their applicable heat exchangers. The Rave is pretty vague as to how this is accomplished. I am assuming these are supposed to be quick...