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  1. scottsdalerrc

    wow, fancy

    i'm not sure the last time i logged in here but its gotta be a few years. i see you guys redecorated...fancy
  2. scottsdalerrc

    Anyone know the deal with this one?
  3. scottsdalerrc

    Snowmaggedon 2016

    hide yo kids hide yo wife grab the whiskey and the wine whos in the path of JONAS? i hate storm naming. just got my disco back yesterday with a new windshield and inspection. shes ready to play. forecast 8-14" in my area. snow to start after 5pm yay
  4. scottsdalerrc

    floorboard RUST!!!

    i cant say i've seen many posts regarding rust, though i'm sure it plagues most of the NE trucks (as it has each of my rovers). My driver/pass floorpans have seen better days (currently several holes). I've done aluminum/fiberglass patching before but are there actual replacement panels...
  5. scottsdalerrc

    DI Almost passed inspection

    Looks like the crack in the windshield is finally too expansive to pass (not bad for 6 years running). I've got calls into some local independents to see about getting one pulled from a parts truck and re-installed in my truck. Anyone have a line on new ones at a reasonable price? 95 DI -BB
  6. scottsdalerrc

    Cargo door swing arm pin broken?

    The pin that the sliding arm attaches too on the rear cargo door seems to have broken on my truck. The pin is now leaning towards the rear and wont hold the sliding arm any more. i cant seem to see it from below. is this replaceable? i dont see anything on RN or AB sites-havent had a minute to...
  7. scottsdalerrc

    *sigh* stuck bolt

    The issue: snapped a bolt while removing the swivel ball/assy from axle tube. drilled and attempted to use bolt extractor. It snapped off inside too (it worked well on another previously). tried to drill it to no avail. thoughts on removal? We drilled for a while w/o results. In the process, it...
  8. scottsdalerrc

    Long Weekend Project - Swivels

    I've got a 4 day weekend and intend to use it. I've had a lot of issues lately getting over 55mph w/o a little wobble (or a lot after a rough patch of road). This summer new RTE HD steering components were installed, new TRE's and new damper. I noticed some leaking around the swivel seals...
  9. scottsdalerrc

    Finally did the headliner

    As many of you have experienced, i was dealing with orange eyebrows each time i exited the rover. I finally decided sunday to pull it out and address it. My original plan was to re-upholster but finding inexpensive material in the width needed was difficult. My budget was under $50. Pulling...
  10. scottsdalerrc

    Conclave 2015?

    Did i miss an announcement somewhere or is it just not happening this year?
  11. scottsdalerrc

    Brickhouse :: 1995 Land Rover Disco I

    Brickhouse :: 1995 Land Rover Disco I (2015-07-30 15:06:49)
  12. scottsdalerrc

    rear door stop arm dislocating

    I'm sure many of you have experienced this problem where the sliding arm on the bottom of the rear door has popped off the sill mount. Mine still moves nicely but the piece that holds the arm in place is long gone. RN lists parts for a washer and circlip that hold the arm in place. is that...
  13. scottsdalerrc

    fuel line in to fuel filter leaking

    some background: i've just finished running new fuel lines as mine had rusted out. new hard line run and spliced in using all brass compression fittings w/o issue. i went with barbed end compression fitting to allow for rubber line in/out the fuel filter for future ease of replacement. the end...
  14. scottsdalerrc

    Rigid fuel feed line to filter

    Anyone have any knowledge on removing/replacing the rigid/metal fuel feed line TO filter? does the tank need to be dropped? any caveats? i've yet to climb under due to cold, shitty winter weather (worst time to be w/o a rover) and am trying to plan replacement in the next few weeks. thanks.
  15. scottsdalerrc

    Leaking Fuel - Need part number

    I noticed a heavy fuel smell the other day and found fuel actively leaking from the front of the tank and seeping around the front and dripping off the cradle. I do have a dry rotted breather near the filler (im aware of this). However, I removed the access panel in the cargo area and in...
  16. scottsdalerrc

    rear fog light switch

    i recently replaced my rear fog light switch on the dash (95 DI). my old switch would stay depressed to keep the lights on. the new one does not. just springs right back to off position. anyone know why? its obviously something with the spring mechanism not catching...just wondering if anyone...
  17. scottsdalerrc

    DI cargo door retainer

    The sliding retainer arm on the bottom of the cargo door is now popping off the shaft, seems part of this piece broke off at some point in the past week. Anyone know a part number or repair for this? Thanks! -BB
  18. scottsdalerrc

    Pass Side O2-'95 DI

    Who's got what? Thanks -B
  19. scottsdalerrc

    RTE Steering Upgrade

    I've got most of the parts to do this but was searching around for some pics or a 'how-to' outline of sorts to no avail (though i've never been very proficient at the dweb search for some reason). If anyone can offer any tips, links, especially what TR ends i need (something about an extra LH)...
  20. scottsdalerrc

    Storage totes

    So i'm looking to obtain 1 or 2 latching storage totes to strap to the roof rack when hauling the whole crew camping or on weekend getaways. obviously, if i had the cash i'd spring for pelican (they're actually not too bad on amazon) but its just overkill for right now. i've looked at...