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  1. boulder4x4

    How about this? LR3 wheels

    Will the Honda pilot wheels fit the LR3? I know they are both 5x120 and 7.5.... maybe the 7.5 is too narrow. But wheels are 17's. And they look good too...
  2. boulder4x4

    LR3 Audible click on wake up.

    Has anyone ever seen this before. Anytime I wake the 3 up from opening the door it has an audible click from the air compressor side. but the compressor seems to work fine. Discostew Id like to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. boulder4x4

    2004 CDL shifter

  4. boulder4x4

    07 LR3 instrument cluster.

    When replacing the instrument cluster do I need to get one with less miles than I currently have? And does it have to be an 07 cluster? I thought I read that somewhere.
  5. boulder4x4

    07 LR3 Gap IIDTOOL help

    So, I got this LR3 that needed the TCCM was bad. So I cleaned it and I was able to drive it around the block. But when I parked it in the garage the suspension lowered and the red susp. light comes on and it will not raise off the bump stops. (I can hear the pump). the adaptive...
  6. boulder4x4

    Another 04 question

    When the TC light illuminates on the dash and I hear the hum of whatever that is... does that mean its working?
  7. boulder4x4

    04 Disco CDL

    Will doing the ABS mod effect my traction control?
  8. boulder4x4

    04 traction control

    Can someone explain why my traction control decides to work sometimes. This past weekend I got crossed axle and my TC would not spin the rear tires. Don't I have a limited slip?
  9. boulder4x4

    Where would I find

    A inexpensive set of radius arms for a 5 in lift for my D2? I know a lot of people make them but is one better than the other?
  10. boulder4x4

    3 in lift for D2

    Looking for 3 in lift for D2, Could trade a set of facelift headlights or an complete 04 CDL shifter and cable.
  11. boulder4x4

    04 D2 Transmission

    Doing a trans swap along with water pump... anything I need to look out for doing this trans? It should be straight forward. I have done other trans before. Should I get the stronger flexplate? No towing just trail riding.
  12. boulder4x4

    water pump

    Im in need of a water pump... but is there a better water pump than others.
  13. boulder4x4

    DII lift

    At what point (lift size) do I need to be concerned with caster angle and new correction radius and control arms? I want true 33 poss. 35's
  14. boulder4x4

    04 Discovery 2

    So here's the deal, maybe this will help someone else with the same problem. A while back I wrote a post asking for help with a problem of air getting back in my cooling system, anytime the rover was off camber the slightest bit air would rush to the top of the heater core.. I finally figured...
  15. boulder4x4

    04 Disco II AIR

    So when my rovers passenger side gets off camber upwards the least little bit I get air in my cooling system. I can hear it in my heater core, what could cause this? I do not lose coolant and I do not have a leak. well maybe I do but I don't see it under the truck.
  16. boulder4x4

    Disco trans.

    Can I install a trans HP22 from an 02 in my 04 that has a 24 ? I mean they are both disco 2's.
  17. boulder4x4

    04 Disco 2 help.

    So here is the deal. I did the shuttle valve bypass and life was good for about 6 months. Then we had a rain storm and while driving home from a friends house the Amigos light up with the brake light this time. I had them read and it was the right front wheel sensor. It had been chafed from...
  18. boulder4x4

    Disco Parts...

    I have 2 disco 2's and 2 disco 1's anyone need parts off them? Colorado .
  19. boulder4x4

    2004 CDL

    CDL from a 2004 Disco. cables and shifter unit. 100.00 ?
  20. boulder4x4

    WEIRD 2004 DISCO

    Why does my 04 discovery cool down (176) when I slow down and get warmer when there is a load on the engine... yes there is air in the heater core and I have done the in-line thermostat mod. the engine stays cool and does not get above 204 but that is still too high for me. so.... what is...