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  1. lance cowley


    I wanted to see if anyone was running these on a D1 and how they are working out for you. Figured I would ask before I buy...
  2. lance cowley

    I absolutely love the way Disco 1's are blowing up in value!

    HOLY smokes they are nearly all over 10k for a clean one. Upwards of 15-20k for SUPER clean ones. I will be selling soon I think and making my $1700 investment multiply by 6 - LOL love it
  3. lance cowley

    Looking for D1 Roof Rack - California

    Looking for a roof rack for a D1 in Nor Ca. (I can only find a SD rack for a D2 out here and its too long)
  4. lance cowley

    Close to Nor Cal 1996 D1 manual- Looking for D1/2 Winch bumper, roof rack, Ujoint rear driveline and double cardan Front DL

    Just like the title says. Looking for a winch bumper for D1 and Roof Rack. (believe D2 bumpers fit) - Drivelines for lift... What do ya got
  5. lance cowley

    Can you mount a D2 Bumper on a D1?

    I see lots of options out there for D2 bumpers but very few and twice the price for the D1. How much difference is there between the models? I have seen a pic of a D1 bumper on a D2 but never vise versa. What would it take to Mount a D2 winch Bumper on a D1?