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  1. Civick_Spyder

    Mantec raised air intake D1

    Why is there 100s of Chinese knockoff plastic snorkels on eBay but never anything reproduced like mantec made. For anything. Seems like a lost opportunity. Anyway. Looking for some unobtainium hoping there’s a lead out there.
  2. Civick_Spyder

    2008 Land Rover LR3 SE

    2008 Land Rover LR3 SE (2015-12-28 21:50:39)
  3. Civick_Spyder

    costly pain in my ass :: 1996 Land Rover Discovery SD

    costly pain in my ass :: 1996 Land Rover Discovery SD (2015-02-14 17:34:39)
  4. Civick_Spyder

    Rovertym Bumper

    Hey I ordered a new bumper from Rovertym for my D1 full brush bar "old style". I finally got the time to mount it up to my truck and immediately noticed that something didn't quite look right. The brush bar seemed way too tall and sticks up above the hood. I also noticed it doesn't quite contour...
  5. Civick_Spyder

    RTE front bumper

    It's a friggin longshot but I'm looking for a Rovertym front bumper for my D1. Slimline with the old style full brush bar. I know I can buy one new but figured I try to see if there was a used one someone wanted to part with. Esp. If it was built by Jordan or Steve. My odds are slim but it's...
  6. Civick_Spyder

    Shipping an SD rack.....

    I'm on the hunt for an SD rack for my D1 and i've almost never seen any for sale locally so I have expanded my search to other states. Now I have to consider the price of shipping. It's big, it's odd shaped, and it's heavy. Has any body here shipped a rack before and can give me an idea of what...
  7. Civick_Spyder

    Radiator 96 discovery automatic

    mines is crap. are new ones really 600 bucks?:banghead:
  8. Civick_Spyder

    I didn't know they gave out rings at the Holocaust?

    What do tigers dream of, when they take a little tiger snooze? Do they dream of mauling zebras? Or Halli Berry in her catwomen suit? And don't you worry your pretty striped head were gonna get you back to Tyson and your cozy tiger bed. And then were gonna find our best friend Doug, and then were...
  9. Civick_Spyder

    Awesome Top Gear across Bolivia. A Range Rover VS a Landcruiser VS a Samurai....

    This has to be my new favorite episode of Top Gear! These guys are hilarious and go on an adventure across South American jungles and deserts to see which 4wd vehicle will prevail an 80's Range Rover, a FJ40 Landcruiser, Or a Suzuki Samurai. You shouldn't be suprised with the results...
  10. Civick_Spyder

    Defender to say "Cheerio!"

    According to the Austrailian newsletter GoAutoNew, Land Rover will be forced to replace the legendary Land Rover Defender by 2013 because of ever-tightening regulations regarding emissions and pedestrian safety. Land Rover says that any replacement will offer more capability and will not be a...
  11. Civick_Spyder

    Iphone test

    Guess it works.
  12. Civick_Spyder

    Wood Trim piece on D1 auto shft handle

    I want the wood trim piece for the shifter handle on an automic D1. The wood trim pices i have in my truck are not the dark burlwood but more a light cherry wood but i can manage with any type. I'm trying to upgrade my interior to "luxury" for the ladies. (i've got a good feeling it might work;) )
  13. Civick_Spyder

    D1 tan leather jumpseats

    I am willing to part with my jumpseats from my 96 D1 SD non rear air. I can sell one or both. Great condition, purchase includes seatbelts and all brackets and hardware. $175 for the pair.
  14. Civick_Spyder


    It worked!:thehand: HOOKED ON PHONICS WORKED FOR ME!!!!!!:applause: *fixed with spellcheck
  15. Civick_Spyder

    electric fans..

    my d1 has been overhaeting(big surprise) ever since my trip to florida(covered my rover with mud from 5 different states!) im thinking about ditching the clutch fan and going electric. anyone got any tips? also trying to find new aluminum radiator....its a land rover so i know the stock one wont...
  16. Civick_Spyder

    headliner for d1

    does anyone know where i can find a replacement hedliner for my d1? i pulled mine out to reupolster it with a color matched vinyl(cause it looks badass) and i left it outside in all the rain weve been having.:banghead: now its destroyed and im not liking the all metal roof above my head. i have...