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  1. sbrewitt

    FS: '04 D2 Black Interior parts

    Vienna Green Passenger Rear Door $50 Dark Green Driver Rear Qtr Panel - $50 Rear Seats Black (both) $75 Privacy Curtain $30 Front Grill $30 Fan Shroud $30 Rear Seat carpeting - (cleaner than pic shows) $40 Center Console Black with Curly Maple veneer $40 Cup Holders $10 Shifters...
  2. sbrewitt

    04 D2 Heated Seats Black, clean $100

    Have both in Good cond. only took pic of one. Very clean car. Have other interior pieces if interested. Posted in WTB in error- where's the Delete option?
  3. sbrewitt

    Clean Black door panels (all four) $100

    Can get other pics in this post. Ping me for more
  4. sbrewitt

    FS: '04 D2 Heated Seats Black $100

    Posted in wrong Forum. Where's the Delete? Have both. Lots of Black interior door panels and seats from clean D2. Pick up 
  5. sbrewitt

    WTB: roof rack for 04 D2

    I'm in Boston area. Let me know ow what's out there Thanks
  6. sbrewitt

    Parting out 2003 D2

    Hello, located outside of Boston. I have '03 Vienna Green D2 that rolled over. Everything below the roof was in good shape. Street vehicle very well maintained. For Sale - Rear Door Right side Passenger Rear door Black Rear Cubbies 4 Hurricane rims 4 Goodyear tires in good I'd prefer not to...
  7. sbrewitt

    WTB: 16" Rim for '04 D2

    Alloy 5 bolt, 5 spoke. Technically, I just need one. I'm in Boston area. prefer to pick up if local. Pic attached (looking for a match but not required) Thanks Scott
  8. sbrewitt

    WTB: 16" Rim for '04 D2

    I just need one. I'm in Boston area. prefer to pick up if local. I'll post pic of the others that I have (looking for a match but not required) Thanks Scott
  9. sbrewitt

    WTB: DII Front and Rear Diff gaurds

    Hi All, looking for front and rear diff guard (not the pop-off type). Also looking for washer reservoir (preferably the type for against the firewall for modified front bumpers) Let me know what's out there. Thanks
  10. sbrewitt

    WTB: Front & Rear diff guards for '04 D2

    not much else to post about these. Let me know Thanks
  11. sbrewitt

    Strength of the D2 Rear Door Tire Mount

    Hey all, When you flip the rear door tire mount on a D2, the two middle holes for the bolts do not line up. Will 4 bolts be enough to support the weight of the larger tire? Is there a plate in the door panel to add strength? A 285/75/16 tire does not fit properly on the rear door tire mount...
  12. sbrewitt

    WTB: Front and Rear diff guards for '04 D2

    Let me know if anyone has the full wrap diff guards (not the pop-off ones) Also let me know the price to ship to 02472 Thanks
  13. sbrewitt

    Fs- 1998 Offroad Land Rover D1

    1998 D1 (w/ CDL) 126,000 miles 4.0 liter engine Tires:285/75/16 Heavy duty Great Lakes LR steering guard Heavy duty front and rear diff covers 9,000 lbs Winch Rock sliders (welded to frame) RoverTym Springs 2" lift (heavy duty fronts, medium duty rear) ARB front bumper TMJ rear bumper Salari...
  14. sbrewitt

    WTB: Lamp Assemblies for 98 D1

    Hey all, Take a look at the list below. Let me know if you have any of these and what you pricing would be, if so. 1 front head light (pass side) 2 rear tail lights (Right and Left - must have the amber blinker lights '98) 1 rear bumper reflectors...
  15. sbrewitt

    FS: safari guard roof rack for D1 (w/ lights)

    Hey all, I'm selling a safari guard roof rack in good condition that fits a 94-98 D1. Rack comes with 4 square lights in front and one work lamp in back. The pic shows what the rack looks like but it is not my truck. The lights on mine are square not round as in the picture. Rack is located...