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  1. chris snell

    Disco/ Range Rover X Brake NIB

    These are sooooooo much better than the stock drum brake.
  2. chris snell

    DiscoWeb Update

    So, DiscoWeb got a new logo. I did it in Illustrator and saved it as SVG, so it scales to whatever size needed.
  3. chris snell

    Thinking about getting back in

    Holy smokes. DOOOO EEEEEETTTT
  4. chris snell

    Thinking about getting back in

    Holy cow. I‘ve seen a ghost! Welcome back, Rob. I don’t know if you heard, but Sheki got himself an ex-Mod and has started building it up. It’s a lot of fun, the Defenders basically being LEGO trucks and easy to rip apart and put back together. The PA salt has eaten my truck and I shudder...
  5. chris snell

    DiscoWeb Update

    I've upgraded DiscoWeb to the latest version of Xenforo. Please let me know if you notice anything screwy.
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  7. chris snell

    Scammer user 'Mikeala'

    Once in a while, someone sneaks through our anti-spam measures. If you got a PM from this person, ignore it. Do not give them any information. Thank you for reporting any suspicious posts or PMs promptly. Chris
  8. chris snell

    Music for tonight

    @nosivad_bor you should hear this.
  9. chris snell

    Thinking About Selling my SCAR 17S... Would You?

    I love my SCAR17. I have an Elcan Specter DR on it. It’s an awesome optic.
  10. chris snell

    Music for tonight

    I've been on a Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen kick recently. I was looking around everywhere on YouTube the other day for my favorite RRB recording--an acoustic version of "Like it Used To Be"--but couldn't find it. Then I remembered: it was a "hidden" track after several minutes of dead air on...
  11. chris snell

    Very Rare Disco

    I think you’d still be overpaying a bit. I highly doubt he could get more than 3-4 if fixed. This is a 16 year old rental car, essentially. I would offer $1K and wait.
  12. chris snell

    Music for tonight

    I see a ghost!
  13. chris snell

    Golf courses are bad for the environment

    Tim is banned for spamming links to political bullshit and general faggotry during his short stint on DWeb.
  14. chris snell

    RR Classic tire

    Bump for an update.
  15. chris snell

    Congrats to Tami and Dan!

  16. chris snell

    Have I missed something..

    I just try to do whatever is the most chill. If I'm not in a huge hurry, I will always yield to someone trying to get around an object. I keep my eye out for people trying to turn and I will stop shy in traffic to give them the gap they need. Why not? It's no sweat off my back.
  17. chris snell

    98 D1 LSE For Sale - Sold

    Thank you for donating. It's always appreciated. I run this thing out of my own pocket and there are no ads or merch. DWeb is over 20 years old and never shrinks; the storage costs get a little bigger every year. It helps me keep this site (and NAS-ROW) online every time a seller donates...
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    Extremely hard to believe when Newsom and Garcetti are laser-focused on "the price of housing" as the supposed cause of homeless. Those guys are clueless and nothing positive will come from this.
  19. chris snell


    I saw that truck and trailer video and wondered what I would do if that was me and my little kids in the truck and we were stopped on the highway by a mob. Would they pull us out? Would they hurt my kids? What would I do if they were pulling other people out ahead of me? If I drove through a...