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    4.6 GEMS High Comp into Disco 2

    I am about to put a GEMS 46D motor into my Disco 2 manual shift. Its from a 97 RR and 9.35:1 compression. Lovingly looked after and done a genuine 12,000 miles... I know i need to replace cam sprocket and muck around a little to get my crank angle sensor to mount on it and change to my knock...
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    02 D2 Vibration - help tracking down after lots of work!

    I have a D2 V8 Manual. I have noticed a slight vibration after a lift (which from where she was sagged to is about 50-60mm). Dobinson springs, Bilstein stock shocks as recommended by Bilstein Australia and air bag helpers. The vibration got worse after castor correction of 3 degrees using...
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    2001 D2 V8 - 135psi on one cyl...assistance appreciated

    Hi all, 2001 V8 D2 Manual. Discovered the cause of a long time slowish leak - water pump which finally failed the other day. It got a little hot on the scan gauge II but pulled it over quickly when she got to 110. It has been a little hotter before when I screwed the coolant header tank lid...
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    Vacuum Whistle !!!! Arrgh!!! 02-D2 V8

    Gday all. I have an 02 D2 V8 with 100,000 miles on the clock. Had it since new. The problem is that it has developed what sounds like a vacuum leak - rev it and it holds onto the revs as they fall. Part throttle and above and its not there. However whilst it sounds like it comes from the...
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    D1 output housing to D2 transfer case - activating CDL - wiring and switches

    Gday all. I am going to try and get this sorted next week. I ave a D1 housing and I am fittng that to my 01 D2 that has no spiggot and no ineternals for the CDL - it will have the Centre Diff Lock/Unlock switch. On my current D2 (without CDL internals) there is the high/low switch on a...
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    Front axle spline and CV problems - 02 D2

    Hi all - 02 D2 V8 Manual I just (late last week) had the front CVs etc replaced on my 02 D2. The splines were showing signs of twisting and were causing clicking noises. The new front end now inc half shaft - only clicks once on take off now and again and not constant like before on take off...
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    02 D2 4.0V8 - open loop at all times!

    Hi all 02 D2 V8 with an LPG converter that relies on the left bank O2 to adjust mixture. It has just had a full overhaul kit put through and its almost sorted, but the economy could be better and at idle it could be better - I think I know why, because the O2s seem to be out to lunch (cheap made...
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    D2 - stumble idle when cold - how often should plugs and leads be done?

    Hi all. 70,000 miles on a 4.0 01, D2 Manual. I have replaced the MAF with a factory one about 10,000 miles ago, and it was running nicely until recently - it has started stumbling at idle when cold - rough running, and also hunting revs at idle like my 95 D1. I cleaned the stepper motor a...
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    D2 - HDC green light flashing in low range???

    Hi all – I have an 01 build series II Disco Man V8. I noticed the other day that the HDC light kept flashing green despite sticking her in low range – it didn’t seem to know that it was in low range. I have never had this before and so went off road like that and in addition to hill decent...
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    Changing bulbs HVAC - how to get panel out

    Hi all - air con/heater buttons on an 01 - need to get that panel out so I can put in new bulbs...anyone know how to remove and how many bulbs there are...its all dark on that row of the Prince Cheers
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    95 D1 - should it lock up tyres with full leg pressure at 38 -50 miles an hour?

    ...mine does not. New rotors and pads (same as Ive always used) and 8 month old new master cylider. The vac booster holds vacume after turning off the truck - for 2 and a half presses of the pedal then goes hard. It feels pretty normal to me using it on the road, but this truck since I have...
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    How not to reverse down a rutted a Pajero/Montero

    How quickly it can go pear shaped....lack of articulation and indepenant all round does not help... com/watch? v=GeYmDOzoibk
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    Dwell variation of 6 degrees at 3500rpm - is dizzy stuffed

    Hi all - my 95 3.9 has started playing up. I replaced all primary and secondary ignition components about 18months to 2 years ago and done about 35000 miles in the meantime. The vehicle is now missing over about 4000rpm slightly with some cold start issues. It misses on both LPG and petrol...
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    95 D1 - Misfire And Plug Sooted And Running Like A Turd

    Hi all. My 95 V8 auto 3.9 (150,000 miles) has developed a bad misfire when hot - cold its pretty good. At 200,000 it had Excellent compression and no vac leaks. To summarise within the last 12-18 months its had: 1. New genuine LR pick up coil in the Dizzy; 2. New genuine Amplifier HEI...
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    Get rid of 95 Dizzy and module and get aftermarket one?

    Hi all. Just had a 2.5 inch free breathing exhuast fitted to my 95 3.9 auto - sounds fantastic! I run either traditional petrol and Liquid Petrolium Gas. The problem is that on Petrol she goes well but LPG requires a very good spark - its intolerant of a half assed spark. Its very good down...
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    D2 - Tappet noise/pinging?

    Hi all. 02 D2 4.0 with 90,000 miles on her. Started suddenly making a racket when accelerating. It sounds like a very noise tappet, but it could well be pinging its arse off. Given that it comes and goes I reckon its pinging. It had a new MAF a little while back and has been running well...
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    Whatever drugs LR is smoking I want some

    ...seriously the parts prices for some of their stuff is just a joke. I got a quote from my local dealer for a Marnelli 100 amp Alternator for my 95D1 3.9 V8 - $1,320 including GST (Aud). I then went to Ashdown-Ashby and got exactly the same part in the Marnelli Box (ie the same made in Italy...
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    95 D1 - Landy alternator or aftermarket?

    The original lasted high miles (lucas). I had to re-conditioned, but they must have done a crap job because its lasted 13 months and is no longer charging. Do I bite the bullet and splash out for the original unit or go Ashdown or similar. Cheers
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    fuel injector problems - d2

    Hi all - new plugs and leads on my D2 V8 and still has a stumble at idle on petrol only - does not do it on LPG, so its reasonable clear that it was fuel side not electrical. Had the injectors out and tested and the spray pattern at idle was crap - big drops (relatively). Mid to high revs the...
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    D2 - how long do leads and plugs last

    My vehicle has done about 65000 miles. I am told by my mechanic (ex dealer) that I trust that I need new leads and plugs - aftermarket is about 1/4 of rover leads. This is the second time. They were both replaced at 38,000 miles....I would have thought that they should last longer than about...