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  1. scottsdalerrc

    wow, fancy

    no idea..around i guess. busy with life and shit. new rig is running well aside from recurring soft brake issue.
  2. scottsdalerrc

    wow, fancy

    i'm not sure the last time i logged in here but its gotta be a few years. i see you guys redecorated...fancy
  3. scottsdalerrc

    ROVERS Club summer picnic

    we shall see-thats a busy week.
  4. scottsdalerrc


    wound up with 18" here.
  5. scottsdalerrc

    Thermostat Mod 3.0

    oh wow, 20 minutes from me. nice work.
  6. scottsdalerrc

    Rust on Top of Paint

    i usually have success with a light abrasive compound. If not, go for a more abbrasive compound but start light. Its basically oxidized metal bits that have dripped onto the clean(er) paint surface. There are more aggressive methods (google fallout remover) that require more care in their use...
  7. scottsdalerrc

    97 D1 SD 5spd

    nice setup. info on that gear bag on the spare in the second pic?
  8. scottsdalerrc

    New PolyMax Rack Flooring Install

    that looks familiar..:D its now running down the outside A-pillar under the cowl.
  9. scottsdalerrc

    1988 RRC 4.6L Toyota Axle Conversion

    wow, for 5k? thats a damn steal.
  10. scottsdalerrc

    WTB: Catalytic Converters 98 D1

    i have a custom y-pipe with good cats-def not CA compliant though.
  11. scottsdalerrc

    2017 Ridgeline

    neighbor has a white one-its awful...pontiac aztec territory.
  12. scottsdalerrc

    04 Discovery HSE7

    saw on CL. GL-im not messing with a trans.
  13. scottsdalerrc

    Gear lube leaking out of rear wheel? a good starting point. great exploded views and parts listings. granted, you can find parts cheaper elsewhere but their phone support and customer service is hard to beat.
  14. scottsdalerrc


    Same, when you're convoying with a couple series trucks, its a long slow drive. at pearls pond it was maybe 5 hours with a couple stops, now its closer to 8. i miss it and Conclave. Getting prepped for ROTR though!
  15. scottsdalerrc

    1999 Disco I SD

    wanna send me some pics? how are the floors? rusted through at all?
  16. scottsdalerrc

    ROVERS Club Fall Robesonia Trials Event Oct. 22-23, 2016

    really looking forward to this again!
  17. scottsdalerrc

    Rovers on the Rocks 8 - Bigger, Better, Faster

    yep. thats my group. we rarely actually do the rock event (though its a good time to just watch too). We do hit a number of trails while there and sometimes even camp over (we're fairly local though).
  18. scottsdalerrc

    FS 1999 Land Rover Discovery 1 Expedition Rig, with long list of upgrades $6500

    rob you have pm...sorry for the delay. i've been traveling for work :bleh: