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    Scammer user 'Mikeala'

    Once in a while, someone sneaks through our anti-spam measures. If you got a PM from this person, ignore it. Do not give them any information. Thank you for reporting any suspicious posts or PMs promptly. Chris
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    Politics forum is closed

    The Politics forum is closed indefinitely. I don't want DiscoWeb to turn into yet another shitty social media hellhole, so I'm closing it down. Maybe it will reopen, but probably not. If anybody attempts to re-start their argument in General, you will get a permanent ban. It's a shame...
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    Test 123

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    Selling some Defender-related domains

    This is a benefit for DiscoWeb (and NAS-ROW). The domains were generously donated by Mr. Dan Chapman and the registrations extended for a year by me. Bidding procedure and details can be found here:
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    Adjustable Panhard Arm for D2

    $110 + shipping Bring yo own bushes.
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    [SOLD] Genuine LR3/LR4/etc Receiver Hitch

    Fits LR4, LR4, and--I think--the newer Range Rover vehicle's. New: $579 My price: $400, shipped CONUS
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    Improved Searching on DiscoWeb

    Thanks to the new software upgrades, there is a new feature that I've enabled for DiscoWeb: enhanced searching. Since DWeb migrated from Discus to vBulletin way back in the day, searching has been pretty awful. The matches were generally not very refined and you simply couldn't search for...
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    Welcome to the new DiscoWeb

    Thanks to everyone for your generous donations to help revamp DiscoWeb. We have a new look, a big departure from the grey-and-yellow look of the last...20 (???) years. I hope you like it. The new site is mobile-responsive and should be a lot easier to read from your smartphone. The...
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    DiscoWeb (no longer) needs your help

    Hi Everyone, Bottom Line Up Front: DiscoWeb needs some donations to buy new forums software. If you are a member over at NAS-ROW, you've probably noticed that the side bar ("Recent Posts", etc.) has disappeared. We're having some trouble with the vBulletin software and some of the...
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    Brake master cylinders

    Does anybody have experience with Ferodo or TRW brake master cylinders? Are they any decent? Not sure if this is one of those Geniune-all-the-way parts or if there is something superior available from a third-party vendor.
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    European LR rental

    Has anybody rented a Defender or similar in Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East? How did you find an agency and how much does it cost? I have some time to kill in Europe in August after a work trip and I'd love to rent a truck and drive around.
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    Maxtrax MKII Sand Ladder deal

    If you're into Maxtrax, Adam Santa posted this up on N-R:
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    Politics forum

    I've created a Politics forum for DWeb. This is the new home of the Donald Trump thread, Russian meddling thread, and any new threads that start as or turn into poitical threads. There are a couple of things to note about the new forum: - This is not D90 Source. We don't have an opt-in Mud...
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    DiscoWeb Update

    Hi All, Peter Matusov (p m) is now my co-administrator of DiscoWeb. As most of you know, Peter is DWeb old school and embodies the classic DWeb combo of technical excellence, helpfulness, and snark. He's also someone I trust; we've done a number of truly gonzo desert trips together. Peter...
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    Michelin XZL 8.25R16 - Brand New

    ..Copying this over from my post on NAS-ROW... Check it out, Discoweb: I have found the unobtanium: Michelin XZL 8.25R16 tires, brand new. I've been looking for these tires for about eight years now and finally found them. I've been trolling overseas tire sellers, U.S. Michelin...
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    Delay in new user registrations

    I just processed a huge batch of new user registrations that had piled up while I was out. I just got back from a long trip in my Defender. 3900 miles from Kansas to Nevada and back, over 2000 of them off-road. Thanks for your patience.
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    We're back.

    Sorry for the nine-hour outage. Our hosting provider experienced a major failure of their redundant power feeds in their SFO-based datacenter and our server was left without power. Thanks for your patience. Chris
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    Major DiscoWeb Site Re-org!

    I've been wanting to re-organize the way our site is laid out for some time now. When you went to, you were presented with an ancient relic from the '90s. It wasn't totally obvious that there was a forum to be found here unless you happened to notice the little "Bulletin...