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    Free CDL Linkage Parts

    I found some old CDL linkage parts. Free to good home, just please PayPal me the actual shipping cost after I mail it. ANR 1832 FRC 4499 FRC8394 Link Rod (don't know part number)
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    Looking to Ship L322 EAS ECU to someone to clear codes

    Hi, I have been fighting a communication failure on a 2005 NAS L322. Have RSW All Comms but it will not communicate. This is a pretty well known and complex problem which I am in the process of diagnosis. (See...
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    Help ID wires

    Hi, The attached photos are a 1998 NAS P38 GEMS. The coolant expansion tank is located in the back left corner of the engine bay when looking at the vehicle from the front. A large wrapped wiring loom runs under the coolant tank and through the firewall. There is a small set of 4-5 wires...
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    L322 03-05 Lug/Wheel nuts

    Looking to buy 5 used lug nuts for the 03-05 L322, they are the black ones. The 06+ lugs nuts are different than the 03-05. Thanks for any leads
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    L322 03-05 PS Taillaight and rear bumper cover

    Looking for a L322 03-05 passenger side tail light cluster and a 03-05 L322 rear bumper. Thank you,
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    4.0 GEMS For 97 P38

    I'm Looking for a 4.0 Gems to put into a 97 P38 that has a trashed block and heads. Don't care if it's from a DI or P38 and or if I needs head gaskets. Shipped to 32303, Thanks
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    03 DII Power Steering Pump and Steering Box

    Looking for a known to be good used, re-man, or new shipped to 32303. Thanks
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    Weird: Drivers Side Brake like fails when headlights are on?

    2003 DII All 3 rear brake lights work fine when the head lights are off. When you turn the headlights on (flipping the stalk on the wheel ) the drivers side rear brake light goes out. If you put your foot on the brake and all 3 brake lights are on, flipping the head lights on and off flips...
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    DII sunroof motor

    I think the DI/DII front and rears are all the same motor. Looking for a DII motor shipped to 32303. Thanks, ADam
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    Tips for Transmission Swap (Not messing up the TC and Pump)

    I'm going to tackle swapping the transmission on the 95 RRC next week. I'll have access to a lift and transmission jack so that should make life a lot easier. I've read about people messing up the drive gears on the pump while installing the TC and subsequently blowing the pump. Is there a...
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    HELP: Low Oil Preasure Light in 2003 DII

    It's a 2003 DII, never had any problems with this truck. Was parked at school for a few hours (it drove there fine) and when I started it up the red oil light did not go out after the self check. It's not flashing but is on. I shut it down and started it again to see if it would build presure...
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    P38 Dash/Console Trim

    I'm looking for some good condition trim pieces for a 2000 P38. I need the pieces marked in red in the picture. The PO used some type of solvent to try and clean them and the paint has turned soft and flakes off. Other than these pieces the truck in in perfect shape, only 37k miles so I'd...
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    P38 Blend Motor (Left/Drivers side) NEW

    Looking for a new 2000 P38 blend motor for the drivers side. I know they come in sets of 3 but I'm hoping someone has broken a set up and has just the drivers side. Thanks
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    Pulling Climate Control Faults from 2000 P38

    From what I've read you can get the faults to display by starting the rover while holding down the AUTO and AIR DIST buttons. On the 2000 model there is a AUTO button but 5 different air dist buttons. I've tried lots of combinations with no luck and have the fault ! on the display. Is there...
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    95 RRC ZF Transmission

    I'm looking for a cheap used ZF transmission shipped to a business address in 32601 or that I can pick up in the Central Florida area.
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    95 RRC $895 On Craiglist in FL (Not Mine) It's not mine but if somebody talks to the guy and is interested I could take a look it it for you. I'd love to get it for parts but I just picked up a 2000 P38 4.6 with 33k original miles on Monday and can't buy 2 rovers in the same week.
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    Mid-Brake Job Calliper Question

    In the middle of a front brake job on a 99 DII. When I pulled the caliper off the rubber boots/seals on the caliper were torn up and leaking fluid. (see picture) I'm assuming this means new calipers and bleeding the system when they get bolted up?
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    Very odd axle shaft or diff breakdown

    The rover is a 95 RRC that I purchased with a LT230 swapped in, CLD linkage not hooked up. It has the rotoflex removed and runs DII prop shafts. It has 3inch equipe springs, front and rear links, and steering. It had been running 265/75/16 Dunlop muds and the break down happened 3 blocks from...
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    95 RRC Stepper Motor Wiring Harness Plug

    The 4 prong plug (in picture) is in bad shape on my 95 RRC and not making a good connection. I'm looking for the just the plug cut with a few inches of wire left so I can splice it in place. Thanks Note: I tryed to attach a photo of the plug but discoweb says "You have uploaded the maximum...