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  1. Mike26

    Premier Power Welder

    Oh sorry I forgot to post that! Looking for $500 and yes it is for a rover V8. Was originally out of a 95 NAS defender.
  2. Mike26

    Premier Power Welder

    $500 Premier power welder for a Land Rover (alternator pulley set up for a v belt) 160 amp alternator by premier power welder. The alternator could likely stand for a rebuild, when tested it was properly making 13.9 volts just above idle but was flaky at idle, might just not have worked with...
  3. Mike26

    Safety Devices roof rack help needed

    Not sure if you frequent the Dallas area often or not, but there’s a guy up here who will do them for $125
  4. Mike26

    Defender accelerator assembly

    Looking for a accelerator assembly for a defender. My understanding is all the non TD5 ones are identical to this pictured one, which is what I’m after.
  5. Mike26

    Series Trek still exist?

    Does anyone know if Series Trek still exists? I’m interested in their 24 spline HD shafts so that I can look into installing an ARB in a ‘72 Lightweight.
  6. Mike26

    200tdi headgasket removal

    Seems that the machine shop will get that right off when they machine the head.
  7. Mike26

    D2 CDL Light not engaging after new tranfercase

    Finally warm enough to mess with it. Both the front and rear sensors were junk and didn’t work properly when bench tested. Replaced the front most dead sensor with a new sensor (believe it was a reverse sensor for a R380, but same deal) and spliced it into place. Left the rear most sensor in...
  8. Mike26

    D2 CDL Light not engaging after new tranfercase

    Yeah, the switch might be bad. Its been too cold out to mess with it. My next plan is to try splicing into the rear most CDL switch instead of the front one. if that doesn't work, I'll attempt removing the switches to bench test their function, that'll just be a PITA due to the tight working space.
  9. Mike26

    D2 CDL Light not engaging after new tranfercase

    I have now replaced my '01 CDL transfercase with a freshly resealed '04 transfercase. The '04 transfercase has two CDL sensors in the front output of the case, as opposed to the one sensor that my '01 had. I cut and crimped the old wires and attached them to the front most sensor on the '04...
  10. Mike26

    Colorado '17

    Bishops castle is awesome. Super sketchy to walk around for sure
  11. Mike26

    Wise minds of dweb I summon thee

    so long as the motor isn't knocking, change HG's (if that's the issue), machine heads, and run it. I'd take care of the entire cooling system while your in there. Water pump, hoses, radiator, fan clutch, thermostat (mod it with the inline sbc 180 deg, throw that artificial heart in the trash)
  12. Mike26

    ANR1534 wheel

    Yeah after finding out the stupid money these wheels fetch, I?m gonna keep them just for kicks. Testing to see if I like the sand color vs the normal white.
  13. Mike26

    ANR1534 wheel

    Im running XZL’s on them. I’ve got a series wheel as the spare tire currently, so it’ll work just fine if I need it and mounted up on the hood you’d never be able to tell it’s any different. It would make me all warm and fuzzy inside to know I’ve got the proper wheel as a spare.
  14. Mike26

    ANR1534 wheel

    Come to find out my Lightweight came with 4 of these under it, but I'm hoping to find a 5th to use as the spare. By chance does anyone have an extra laying around? Looking for a spare. Searching has found these were used under the one ton series 109's, defender 130's and NAS 110's.
  15. Mike26

    White Wolfs set of 5

    Aware of what rotr is. Well if you change your mind and happen to pass by a UPS store on your way, I?m happy to pay you for your troubles.
  16. Mike26

    White Wolfs set of 5

    Very interested. If your willing to ship I’ll take them. PM sent.
  17. Mike26

    7.50 x 16 Michelin XZL

    Yeah, I ended up ordering one. Was just hoping someone had some decent ones for less.
  18. Mike26

    7.50 x 16 Michelin XZL

    Anyone by chance have any XZL's in good shape for sale?
  19. Mike26

    01 D2 Driveline Vibration issues -

    If your running 3" or more lift, you'd likely need to look at a conventional double cardan rear drive shaft. I chased a vibration down and found it to be coming from the rear. Going from a rotoflex to the conventional two joint driveshaft from a D1 helped some, but the double cardan is the fix
  20. Mike26

    Rear Drive Shaft Conversion Kit for Disco 2 Reduced to $150.00!

    Can you get me a shipping quote to 75068?