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  1. jimmybuffett

    2003-04 front bumper

    Looking for a replacement front bumper (minus the end caps). The black plastic part on mine is disintegrating ! Thanks
  2. jimmybuffett

    LR3 or 4 Voyager off-road roof rack

    LR3 or LR4 Voyager off road roof rack with mounting hardware $650 or best offer, thanks Tom located in NY - Long Island
  3. jimmybuffett

    Steelies center caps

    Quick question. I bought a set of 16 inch terrafirma steelies from lucky 8. I’m trying to find center caps that fit. Does anyone know if the Land Rover D2 black plastic center caps will cover the hub and lug nuts? Pic attached. Also has anyone tried to modify another type of Land Rover center...
  4. jimmybuffett

    2004 Overland D2

    2004 Land Rover Discovery For Sale Located @11746 176,000 Miles Total at this writing. In the last approximately 45000 miles (receipts will show actual) New Engine / Driveline Engine Replacement all documented as done by Land Rover 1) New 4.0 short block and new heads installed by...
  5. jimmybuffett


    Need a gas cap and a center console cover in black for a 05 lr3 -thanks Tom
  6. jimmybuffett

    D2 fender flare / arch removal

    I'm sure it's been discussed but I'm trying to find info/ video ect on the best way to remove faded wheel arches and adhesive from a 03 D2. Thank you in advance Tom
  7. jimmybuffett

    D2 wheel question and WTB Steelies

    Quick question I have a 03 HSE7 D2 with 18 inch wheels and I have a extra set of 18 inch LR3 wheels -are they interchangeable or will I need an adapter - Also looking for a set of black Steelies that will fit a D2 Thanks in advance -Tom
  8. jimmybuffett

    2003 disco navigation radio removal

    Trying to replace the stock nav/ radio but I don't have the "two little pins" needed to take it out . Anyone have another way / trick / tool to remove it. I also don't have any of those filling cabinet guide hooks that work ! Any help will be greatly appreaited - thanks Tom
  9. jimmybuffett

    D2 rubber floor mats & load space & brush bar

    Have a 03 D2 , looking for LR rubber floor mats , black load space cover and a brush / push / A bar to cover the cracked front bumper. Thanks Tom
  10. jimmybuffett

    LR3 suspension fault

    Looking for help , have 05 LR3 V8 and this suspension light keeps coming on. I tired disconnecting the battery but the light keeps coming on . Anyone else have or had this issue and what did it take to clear it/ fix it . Thanks in advance for your help Tom I am trying to upload the other pic ...
  11. jimmybuffett

    Need 4.6 motor for 03 d2

    Looking for a 4.6 motor for my 03 D2, any possibilities please PM , or email me at thanks Tom
  12. jimmybuffett

    Heater blower motor and a wiper motor

    I have an 1984 ex mod 109 24 volt , I am in need of a heather blower motor and a wiper motor . I am not sure if these are the same as a regular 12 volt sYsmtem -Thanks Tom
  13. jimmybuffett

    24 Volt Alt

    Looking for a 24 VOLT alt for my 1984 ex mod 109 .... thanks Tom
  14. jimmybuffett

    1998 D1 LE, Parting out

    I have a running 98 D1 LE , color is dark blue , tan interior , 7 passenger , rear jump seats bumpers /body / glass / interior / engine all there and in good condition .. Looking to part out before it goes to scrap yard -Thanks Tom 5167217184
  15. jimmybuffett


    Looking for a rear ladder for a 2005 LR 3 -thanks Tom
  16. jimmybuffett

    Parts for a 3.9L rebuild

    Looking for upper plenum assembly , fuel temp sensor, fuel line assemblies and injectors and sensors for a 3.9l motors -thanks Tom
  17. jimmybuffett

    Wtb Lr3/4

    Looking for a LR3/4 to purchase in the immediate future ...any leads / Info would be appreciated ,thanks Tom
  18. jimmybuffett

    Viscous Fan

    Viscous Fan -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brand new , still in box All-makes Viscous Fan, part#ERR3443. Fits Disco 94-99,RRC -95, D90-97 $60.00, plus shipping Thanks Tom
  19. jimmybuffett

    1995 D1 window regulator

    Part # 1a-wrg00901, brand new still inbox ,believe its for a95 D1 front drivers window $30.00
  20. jimmybuffett

    D2 03-04 Bumper End Caps

    D2 03-04 Bumper End Caps, gold color, good condition , no cracks -$75.00 plus shipping will try to post/link pics i can email pics if easier - thanks Tom