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  1. WaltNYC

    Not Mine: CL 1999 Discovery 1

    nice truck. I wonder what seat covers they are. Could they be Lseat?
  2. WaltNYC

    Parting out a 96 D1

    Has anyone received any replies from this seller?
  3. WaltNYC

    OBD1 diagnostic reader

    Other than Test book I'm not sure one exists. A short piece of wire will get you 99% of the way there however. Discovery 1 blink code procedure....
  4. WaltNYC

    2001 OBDII

    Do you interior lights function? I ask because Fuse #20 is carries that circuit in addition to the power supply for the OBD port.
  5. WaltNYC

    Any know what edition this D2 is?

    That is called the "Indiana Brown" interior package.
  6. WaltNYC

    Intermittent Anti Lock light

    Your ABS light will remain illuminated until you reach 5MPH. Thereafter it should go off. On a 1998 D1 you have ABS speed sensors on each hub. They are notorious for coming out of place a bit. Often simply tapping them down until they bottom out in the hub will do the trick. Other times...
  7. WaltNYC

    aftermarket radio help!

    It depends on which model (Disco 1, Disco 2, etc) you have. Almost all the wiring diagrams can be found in the google drive link in my signature. Have at it.
  8. WaltNYC

    Best P38 EAS air line-valve block fix

    Where did you source the air line tubing? 6mm lines are somewhat difficult to find
  9. WaltNYC

    ‘94 RRC LWB battery light

    Brake switch is cheap and easy.
  10. WaltNYC

    Disco 1 Misc Questions

    joneschris....what color did you order? what was sent? Is your original color "Bahama Beige"? From what I understand, the closest match is listed on lseat as 'Lark'.
  11. WaltNYC

    Best P38 EAS air line-valve block fix

    I tapped the EAS valve block and am now using threaded compression fittings to seal the air lines into the block. Much more reliable and easier to remove and re-attach reliably. ditch the collets, use threaded compressions on your valve block
  12. WaltNYC

    Tail lights not working

    If you are into tracing wiring diagrams, the entire set of manuals, diagrams, and a whole lot more can be found in the google link in my signature. Help yourself to whatever you need.
  13. WaltNYC

    Dash lights out

    Are your tail lights operational? The dash will not illuminate without the tail lights working.
  14. WaltNYC

    Starter bolt size

    An idea you may want to use... buy 2" bolts with regular bolt head and a couple of extra nuts. Use the nuts to extend the bolt head far enough to get a regular wrench on it rather than having to rig up extensions to get to a socket hex head. FishEH was the first I saw suggest this.
  15. WaltNYC

    Rod bearings

    In case you need it the overhaul manual is in engine section of the google drive.
  16. WaltNYC

    If not Nanacom - what then ?

    Remain friends and borrow theirs as needed. A nice bottle of wine every now and then should help.
  17. WaltNYC

    Snowflake Button

    I'm pretty sure it is STC1863 ... but there are not many around.
  18. WaltNYC

    Snowflake Button

    When I replaced my A/C switch I pulled everything on the center console (within the black plastic frame). Not hard, but like most jobs a pain it he butt. Wouldn't you know that the moment I put it back together the light/bulb on the recirculation button went bad. It is not difficult to...
  19. WaltNYC

    List of Obd codes

    the gems_obd.pdf file has a bunch of info on codes, what they mean, and what the trouble might be. check the google drive link
  20. WaltNYC

    OE Bottle Jack

    - remove rubber plug and drain hydraulic oil - tap the saddle off - unscrew the retaining ring at the top of the jack (holds the body down) - while holding the jack in the air by the body in one hand, tap the base until is unseats from the rubber gasket sealing it to the body (don't hit the...