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    Hannibal rack

    I’ve been thinking of taking the Voyager rack off the D2 and selling it if there is a Disco Hannibal out there somewhere. Anyone have one sitting around?
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    Flashing M&S 04 Disco

    I have several things going on here. Last month I had the flashing M&S come on while driving at highway speed and trans went into limp mode. A week or so later it happened again, same thing. Both times I was running AC, so thinking maybe AC drain over XYZ, I ran without AC on as a trial. A week...
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    Sunroof question

    I have an 04, for about 5 years now. Every Disco I’ve had with sunroofs has been one touch to tilt, another to slide. This one tilts and slides with one touch. The owners manual says one touch tilt and another to slide. Is there a way to reprogram them? I’ve just been hitting the close to stop...
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    Knocking sound

    2004 D2, knocking while coasting, normal under power. It does it in hi, low, locked transfer case, and unlocked. I dropped the front shaft, took it for a spin, and the noise is gone. I?ve always thought that the driveshaft noise was more of a chirping than a knock. Should I be looking at the...
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    RTE, Hannibal, QT

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    Fucking Carfax! Bought the 5 check deal last year, used it twice. Tried to run a check, time on the 5 checks turns out was 60 days. I don't want to give them any more of my money, can someone please run YV1LW571XS2156474
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    Volvo ?

    I'm in the market for a beater for myself, better miliage etc. I've pretty much settled on a Volvo wagon. I have 3 that I want to look at, a 95 turbo with auto, 96 5 speed NA, and a 98 V70R. I like a MT, but want a turbo, and don't really hear much about the V70 compared to the reputation of the...
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    QT front diff guard

    Brandy new, never mounted, been in a box here for over a year since I got it. All hardware included. Fits D1, D2, RRC, and Defender. $100
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    Trip to ID

    Of to Idaho in the morning by way of a OH, SD, MT and points in between route. Other than PT, where are the Rover places along the way just in case. Last year Istumbled on Southwest Rovers in NM by chance with a shot rear hub which Will overnighted. Just trying to be prepared this year...
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    carfax or autocheck help

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    D2 RTE front bumper

    I know it's a long shot, but is there one out there. I have an ARB to sell/trade, I like it better and will open up my winch finding options.
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    Saab 9-3?

    I am in the market for a smaller more economical ride for my wife. She is looking at Volvo S60 and S70, and I know some knowledgeable Volvo people. She also likes the Saab's. She wants a hatchback if Saab and I have found that they went away at the end of MY02 9-3's. Does anyone have experience...
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    99 D2 reverse lights.

    No reverse lights. Fuse 25 controls brake and reverse, and I do have brake lights. Flopped bulbs with brake lights and it remained the same. I also disconnected the trailer harness and trouble remained. I have not dug into Rave yet, but is there a switch somewhere I'm looking for?
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    95 D1

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    Stumble off idle

    I just replaced the injectors on the 95 with newly rebuilt. I had a leakdown issue that took it to 0lbs overnight. Now starts and restarts much better, but I have a stumble right off idle that smooths out at speed. I have triple checked everthing is reconnected and tightened down. Any ideas...
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    Ford Injectors

    Does anyone have a set lying around? My stock injectors are leaking down, thinking about sending them out to Witch Injectors on recommendation but can't do the 8-10 day downtime.
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    Wilderness Sport rack for Disco

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    Factory roof basket

    Clamps to Disco roof rails. $200 shipped CONUS.