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  1. stu454

    WTB: D1 Tan Cloth Door Cards

    I need a full set of door cards for a D1. Tan and cloth for a '96 SD. Also looking for a tan door card for the tail door. Shipped to 30319.
  2. stu454

    OG Dweb

    Or Recalling the Days Before $500 Discos.
  3. stu454

    LR3 No Start

    Situation: LR3 No start; not even an attempt to turn over. All lights work, transmission fault listed on trip computer screen. Tried Microstart jumpbox with no effect. Ideas, taunts, pithy observations? By the way, we're at a cabin in the boonies so a jump from another car won't be...
  4. stu454

    LR3/RRS Spare Tire Winch

    Mine's dead. Does anyone have one for sale? Shipped to a business in 30084 or I can email a UPS label to you.
  5. stu454

    Utah by Mall Crawler

    I'm always up for a trip to Utah. I hadn't driven out here since the '08 LRNR. I started my trip with a 1,050 mile marathon spread over 18 hours. My obligatory stop. I met up with Kevin Day and his brother Ryan between Mexican Hat and the Valley of the Gods. Rain set in fairly early...
  6. stu454

    LR3 Transmission Filter Conversion Kit

    Thoughts? It seems to fix the problem of having to disassemble the truck to change the transmission filter.
  7. stu454

    2007 Land Rover LR3

    2007 Land Rover LR3 (2017-02-20 20:25:20)
  8. stu454

    D1/RRC SWB Rear Driveshaft (non-rotoflex)

    Fresh U-joints. $50 shipped to a UPS address in CONUS.
  9. stu454

    Bought Too Many 6920's. One is FS

    I've got a Colt M4 (civilian, of course) 6920 for sale in Georgia. New in the box. It has only been out of the plastic bag to have the serial number checked when I received it from the dealer. All of the original goodies are included as...
  10. stu454

    OEM Rubber Mats '08-'12 LR3/4

    First and second row OEM rubber floormats for sale. For the '08-'12 LR3 and LR4. Very good to excellent condition. No tears or other goobers. $150 shipped. Pic from AB's site: SOLD off list.
  11. stu454

    LR3 Sunroof Deflector and Cubby Coin Tray

    Used, but complete with no cracks. Requires no butchery to install; it just clips on. $35 shipped. Used and undamaged. Stupid expensive new. $25 shipped. Or $50 shipped for both. SOLD locally.
  12. stu454

    Bluetooth in a Stock D1 Radio?

    I've searched. I also know about GB4x4 Radio and their iffy reputation. I want to be able to select a function on the stock radio and be able to play all of the shitty music that's on my phone. So, is there a way to stealth a bluetooth input into the back of a stock D1 radio? Maybe run it...
  13. stu454

    Aruba Tips Sought

    I asked The Wife where she wanted to go next. She said Aruba. It looks legit, especially since Van Der Sloot is locked up. Anyone have any tips?
  14. stu454


    Pic test
  15. stu454

    Paging Drillbit

    I've sent messages and left voicemail. Is he stuck under a 400 lb Mexican woman?
  16. stu454

    Looking at an LR3

    Thoughts on this one? It has had new tires added since the pics. It appears clean. One flag: I smelled coolant but didn't have time to start removing the underhood plastic for a more thorough inspection.
  17. stu454

    OME Springs Wanted

    I'm looking for a set of two 762 and two 751 springs. I could be talked into 761 and 781. I can send you a UPS shipping label.
  18. stu454

    Flasher Relay and Turn Signal Stalk

    I'm chasing issues with my non-functional turn signals on my '96 D1. Does anyone have a flasher relay and a turn signal stalk? Shipped to a business in 30084. Thanks!
  19. stu454

    Turn Signals and Hazards Not Working

    '96 D1. This past weekend, both the turn signals and hazard lights stopped working out of the blue. Both fuses are good. I'm wondering if it's a relay. The catch is, I've scoured RAVE and haven't been able to figure out where it's located. Anyone have a clue? Thanks.
  20. stu454

    Merry Christmas, you bunch of ne'er-do-wells.

    The assholes, jerks, tech savants, grammar morons, grammar nazis, and the three nice guys all make this a great place to visit. And best Christmas wishes to our fearless leader, Chris. Thank you for bringing dweb back.