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    Nevada Trophy February 16 - 19, 2022 - Entry is Now Open Classes include: 4WD SUV/Truck, with Low Range Transfer; Pre-Runner 2WD; CrossOver AWD About Nevada Trophy… NEVADA TROPHY is the GPS Navigational Rally Raid Adventure!
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    Nevada Trophy 2019

    The Nevada Trophy will be held December 5-7, 2019 in Northern Nevada east of Reno. This is limited to 30 entries. All makes allowed (must have low-range). Link to site for information and registration: *Please ignore November dates at bottom of flyer, thanks"
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    98 D1 Steering Column

    Hi, My son stripped the steering column shaft on his 98 D1. He ordered one from A-B but it's not the correct part. It appears the correct one (ANR3171) has been discontinued. It supposedly fits a D1 or D2 but he told me it's about 1.5 inches longer than the old one. I'm in Texas and he's in...
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    2017 Nevada Trophy Open for Registration

    This road leads to July 21-23, 2017 Sign-up today! TEAM EVENT: Driver/Navigator per car, and TWO cars make a TEAM Facebook Page Also looking for: PR / Sports Marketing Expert for difficult job! Enquire within Volunteers & Crew. With the weather we've had in recent...
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    Nevada Trophy 10/13-15/2016

    Posting for Mike Green at West Coast British. If you have questions please contact him. Info on flyer.
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    Rent Iridium Sat Phone

    I accidently came across this so I thought I'd post it. If you're going in the boonies you can now rent an Iridium Satellite phone for $35 bucks a week. No I don't work for them.
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    1997 Disco Orig Owner California Car

    I came across this while looking for parts this morning in Roseville, CA 1 owner California Disco with 110k miles. Thought someone might be interested. Not my car.
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    LR Back to BMW V-8

    Jaguar Land Rover to Start Using BMW V8 Engines Here we go. Seriously for the US market they should stuff a 500 something HP Chevy LS engine in it.
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    2000 RR RINO on Bring A Trailer

    In case anyone's interested.
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    New Range Rover is a 'fortress' on wheels

    New Range Rover is a 'fortress' on wheels. For this kind of money it should stop a .50 BMG with DU slugs.
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    D1 Leather Seat Covers

    If anyone's interested I found this on Amazon by accident. $299 leather seat covers for D1. These replace the existing ones. I have nothing to do with them and I can't vouch for them.
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    Toyota, Land Rover tops in residual value

    Toyota, Land Rover tops in residual value. That's one I never thought I'd hear.
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    Tires Washington DC Area?

    My daughter's in Washington, DC area (staying in Alexandria). Can anyone in the area please recommend a good tire place that won't rip her off? She's about due for some. Thanks!
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    Nate Bottorf - Found

    I picked this up from another thread. No guarantees, just reposting. Craigslist link not working. Just in case he owes you something 814-558-4255 Bottorf Heavy Haul Transport
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    Land Rover with Drone

    Want a Land Rover with it's own drone?
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    96 Manual Discovery Seats (Gray)

    Price drop to $200.00 or make offer. Set of 1996 Manual Discovery Seats, front and rear, gray. See photos. In San Leandro, CA. Shipping extra. I can quote but it will probably be outrageous.
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    WTF Bumper

    Must be a new style...
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    Land Rover Officially Unveils 2013 Range Rover

    Land Rover Officially Unveils 2013 Range Rover. Fugly. :ack:
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    Winner of the Automotive Aboition Category

    I think we have a winner.