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    Mantec Raised Air Intake

    Helping a friend find one… what ya got?
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    D2 Stock Suspension

    Took these springs off my D2 probably 20 years ago… free plus shipping.
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    D2 Safety Devices Rack Clamps

    Set of brand new clamps and hardware for SD rack. $150 shipped.
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    Front Springs - OME762X

    $75 plus shipping.
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    Galvanized Spring Seats

    Have two that I just took off. $25 shipped.
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    OME 762X

    Just took off the rear of my D1… Should fit D1, D2, RRC and Defenders. $75 plus shipping. Don’t think they have many miles on them. Not sure what’s on the front, but those will be off in the next week or two. If you’re interested in both front and rear let me know.
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    Welding Help in Atlanta

    Need to repair the drivers side floor in the disco, talked to a couple shops and they didn’t want to do it. If anybody knows a good shop that will weld in the floor or is a good welder and wants to help I’d appreciate it. Thanks!
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    5 235/85r16 Mud Terrains

    Thunderer Trac Grip M/T 4 tires are almost new, 1 tire is brand new. $300
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    Hi Lift Rack Mount

    Again, not sure what these are worth… $40 obo
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    Hopefully pulling these off over the weekend. Not really sure what they’re worth, so let’s call it $350 obo
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    Fourby USB Clock

    Removing from truck this weekend. I believe these sell for £40, $40 shipped obo.
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    Winch, Bumper and Skid Plate - D1

    Will hopefully be removing this from the truck this weekend. Winch is a Superwinch Talon 9.5 SR. Price is $1,300 obo…
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    Refresh Time - 1996 Disco

    Took delivery of a 1996 Discovery with 95K miles out of Waco Texas tonight. Truck is in fairly good condition and has quite a bit of service history. Over the next few months I’ll be taking this truck back to mostly stock and selling some parts here and there. I welcome any comments, tips or...
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    Opinion Needed 95 vs 96 D1

    Looking at both a 95 and a 96 D1, the 95 is half the price of the 96 and needs some work, but also comes with a parts truck (no drivetrain) the 96 looks clean and well looked after. The 95 is also only a couple hours away from me. Extra money saved on 95 would fund making it nice again. Any...
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    1965 Series IIa 88" - RHD

    $17,500 obo - Georgia title in hand Truck is located in Marietta, Ga, just northwest of Atlanta. I’ve owned this truck for around 10 years and love owning it, but haven’t been able to drive it much for a while. It is a very usable Series truck with a nice straight body and overdrive. I am...
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    LR4 Glove Box Creaking

    My glove box is creaking in my LR4, does anyone have any tips or instructions on disassembly?
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    Wanted Epsom Green DII

    Ive been looking for a really clean, well maintained, stock, low mileage DII. Time frame for purchase is June/ July, could be earlier for the right truck. Prefer one in the southeast, SE or HSE. Let me know if anyone knows of one.
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    RRC Parts

    I need the driver side door handle for a 95 RRC (outside, needs to be in great condition) and the plastic insert for the pull in the interior.
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    Nashville Body Shop

    So I had a little fender bender in the Series truck yesterday, I bent up the fender a little and the frame horn buckled, so a new one will be needed. Anyone in the Nashville area know of anyone who could fix this and fix it well? It will most likely go through insurance due to the fact I...
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    Starting and running issue

    Lately I have been having trouble getting my truck started, it will click one turn of the key and then turn over the next. The last time I took it out it also would die during idle, it ran fine at speed, but then once I stopped, it would lose rpms and die. The starter and VSS have less than...